Computer Games With Memories

We all love computer games, everyone using a computer must have played at least a single computer game at some part of their lives. I’m not a die-hard gamer but a computer game addict, most of my teen ages I’ve grown up playing computer games, after entering medical college I don’t have any time to play computer games. However, I hope one day I’ll be able to catch up for the time that I’ve lost.

So I’ve decided to go back in time and list my favorite computer games that I’ve played up to now. All of these games are really special to me, I won some of these games and the rest are linked with special memories in my life, most of these games have lost in time and I don’t think kids these days even know about these games. I’ve arranged them in the order I’ve played them.

Dangerous Dave (D Dave) 1 , 2 ,3.

Dangerous Dave (DDave 2)

I’ve first started using a computer back in 2000 when I was just 10 years old. And Dave 1 was the first computer game that I’ve played in my life, I played Dave even before I bought my own computer back in 2002. I was never able to finish Dave 1, but I tried so many occasions it was just too tough for me.

In 2002 I bought my first computer, I found D Dave 2 and started playing it, it was so addictive and awesome back then, I remember I used to spend 9-10 hours everyday playing this game. This is also very special because D Dave 2 was the first computer game that I’ve finished in my life, it was an unforgettable moment, I remember doing the Dave punch over and over and over again.

After finishing DDave 2, I tried my hand with Dangerous Dave 3, but I didn’t have much luck with that and wasn’t able to go beyond the first few levels. I lost all 3 Dave games when I sold my old computer. It was lost in time forever.

Wolfenstein 3d

Wolfenstein 3d

This is another game I started playing before buying my first computer. This game together with Dave is as old as me, even my dad and uncle used to play this on the computers while work.

This game is really special to me because I played it together with my cousin. My cousin controlled the movements while I controlled the gun and shooting. We used to play this in our uncle’s computer and played it for a good long time. We played it together until we reached the final stage. The door to finish the game was right there in front of us, but no matter how hard we tried we weren’t able to go pass this Hitler holding two machine guns. Tough luck, but still this is one of the best games that I’ve ever played in my life.

Age of Empires I

Age of Empires I

Age of Empires I is the first strategy game I’ve ever played and my favorite one up to now.

I discovered the game by accident when I looked in to the Windows 98 CD. Inside there was the demo version of Age of Empires. I took me some time for me to learn how to play it, but finally I figured out how to play there was no turning back.

First I finished the demo version of Age of Empires I, then I finished the full version of Age of Empires I, finally finished Age of Empires II. I haven’t played Age of Empires III yet, but from Age of Empires I  and II, I love Age of Empires II.

Project IGI

Project IGI 2

My favorite type of games are the first person shooter games. I’ve played so many first person shooter games but this one takes the cake. Because this is my very first first person shooter game I’ve played.

Times have changes since then, now there are more realistic and advanced games than the ones that I’ve just told. However no matter what I play these games will forever be remembered as the best games I’ve played because these are the games that made me a computer games lover.

So what about you? What are your favorite computer games?


Rush Hour

I’m in a jam packed train right now when I’m posting this. It’s the rush hour and the that time of the day that where trains look like in India.

It’s a Monday morning the day everyone hates. Ha ha. Anyway the train that went before me was filled as hell and people were even travelling on the roof and in between two boxes and dangerously on the foot board.

We’re all living in a busy life where time = money. But is it worth it taking this much of a risk putting your life at stake for your job? Time = money but life > money, the worst thing that can happen to you is face the music of your boss or at most lose your job. But isn’t it better than falling from a hi speed train and losing your arm or a leg or even your life?

If you lose your job you can get one back. But what if you lose your arm leg or even your life how can you replace something like that?

So if need to go early, wake ur early and go to the job. But don’t put you life at risk just because you’re late for a job. Being late for the job won’t kill you, but travelling on train like that can kill you.

Time for me to get off the train. Busy day ahead.

I Got The Vaccine Alright

Ha ha finally I got the shot alright. In my last post I said I’m going to get my Hepatitis B vaccination because it’s a must for a medical student and a doctor to get vaccinated before he or she start doing clinical practises.

Today me and two of my friends went to the hospital to take the vaccine. It’s a fairly big hospital, actually it’s not a single hospital but a hospital complex as we know it’s one of the biggest in the country. We should have gone to room 15 where it’s the out patients department. However we ended up going to the 15th ward of the hospital. Then we had to go all the way back to the out patients department where it was in another building, so we had to go all the way back to the out patients department. One of my friends told me that it’s a good thing we didn’t ended up in an operation theater where they’ll drag us into an operation like they do it in the movies.

When we were going back to the out patients department we had a jolly good time. It was about the Hippocratic oath, Hippocratic oath says in a section that doctors are not allowed to have sex with their own patients. So one of my friends made a question if such a line is there at the oath how are the doctors suppose to have sex with their wives because the wife will definitely going to be a patient of the doctor.

Don’t misunderstand of what I’m saying, yes at fist we all had some doubt about it, but my other friend (Let’s call him Das) who’s mother is a doctor came forward to clear our doubts. The oath says doctors are not suppose to have sex with their patients. He explained it means that when someone comes to you as a patient you should not have a sexual relationship with the patient. It should only be a doctor patient relationship. But once you finished the doctor patient relationship in the real world you are free to date the patient. Strange but yes that’s the only explanation we can finally agree with.

Then we went on and got our prescription and went to the vaccination room to get the vaccination. I haven’t got a vaccination for a good 14 years and I was in doubt. There were few of my Bhutan friends who have taken the vaccination first. When I asked them did it hurt they said it was really painfull. Ha ha thanks to them I was very much sacred. I even pulled my arm at the first time because of that and gave the nurse who was vaccinating a good laugh.

Finally the vaccination was done and I didn’t feel a thing. Yes, one shot completed two more to go and now I’m not afraid.

In my last post I talked about whether it’s good to bathe after vaccination, and looks like that’s a one BIG MYTH. I think it’s totally depend on the person who’s vaccinating. If he believes that myth then he’ll ask you not to bathe. But if he does not then you are allowed to bathe. Thankfully the person who vaccinated me was not a believer and I bathe after getting home and I’m better than ever. There is no scientific basis for not bathing after being vaccinated. So don’t worry even if you bathe nothing will happen. But you might get side effects and that is completely normal and you can get that with or without bathing.

I’m posting this via my mobile phone. Sorry if I made any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Hope you all have a fine weekend.

I Hate This Vaccine So Much.

Looks like I have to get myself vaccinated soon, probably today. It’s a vaccination for hepatitis B, a must before being a doctor.

I’ll have to get 3 shots of vaccination, I’ll get my fist one hopefully today or within next week, then I’ll ave to get my second shot after a month getting the first one and finally the third one after 6 months of time having the first vaccination.

Te reason for this is that hepatitis B is dangerous when infected to an adult than an infant, and believe it or not the chance of getting hepatitis B is much higher than AIDS. If you are lucky you can go without getting AIDS even when you have sex with an AIDS infected person with 2-3 times (that doesn’t mean it’s OK to have sex with an AIDS person), however, if you get  a single blood drop of hepatitis patient and drop that in to a pool filled with water and inject few ml of water in to a person that patient still has a high chance of getting hepatitis B, it’s that much dangerous. Because of doctors always work with patients they must be vaccinated before stating their clinical practices.

I’m stating my clinical practices in a few moths of time, so I need to be vaccinated before starting my clinical practices. That’s why I’m thinking of getting my hepatitis vaccination soon. But the problem is after being vaccinated they tell that I can’t bathe for another two to three days and have to protect my wound from contacting water for few days.

This is the worst part, I can keep my wound protected from water, but how can I stay away from not washing my hair. I can’t stay a single day without washing my hair. With all that travelling and hard work everyday, getting good bathe is the best way to chill out and end a hectic week.

I even tried Googling for the answer, but still even on Google I can’t find a good explanation for that, some websites say it’s OK to have a bath after a vaccination, and some says it’s not OK, but from the people who say it’s not OK still there isn’t any good explanation. The only good explanation I found was that the chemicals in water might make the vaccination inactive, but even that doesn’t mean you can’t bathe. Wit all the development in medicine why can’t doctors answer a simple question like this.

So now I’m left alone in some doubt what to do, to bathe or not to bathe.

Is It Practical To Teach Medical Ethics By Lectures?

At the medical college there are two subjects that I’ve never took part in any of the lectures, they are the “community medicine” and “behavioral science”. I never take part in these lectures because in my mind they are useless. Only thing we can get is a good one hour sleep. Recently, one day we only had two behavioral science lectures for the day, ha ha a very rare treat for this hectic life at he university.

so I decided to take it to the library because if I stayed at home I won’t be doing much of a studying than watching TV or browsing the internet. So by te time I went there it was in between lectures and guys were having a 15 minute break before the next lecture. On my way to the library I met a friend.

I asked him what happned during lectures.

She said they were teaching us medical ethics, we should learn them to be good doctors, they are not going to ask any of them at the exam, but people should not be such exam orientated. It’s good if they can come to this lectures as well.

Ouch, I know that was directed towards me, after the the initial ******, I was back to normal and went to the library and did my studies. I don’t come to these lectures not because that I don’t want to become a good doctor but because I sleep 6 hours every night and I don’t want to sleep during the day time anymore.

Do you really think that you can teach medical ethics and how to be a good doctor by lectures?

Personally I don’t think it is possible, no matter how hard you try change his behavior and attitudes just by giving him some lectures, yes I know something is better than nothing, so it’s OK to give it try and change people’s attitudes by giving some lectures. However, saying that you can’t become a good doctor just because you didn’t show up for these lectures is as stupid as saying as someone once told m, “all good doctors must ONLY wear white or near to white shirts” because you can’t judge a person from someone’s appearance, it’s as simple as that. The most good looking doctor can be the nastiest one.

I think someone’s behavior depends on the environment he grew up and how he was groomed since their childhood, and most impotently self discipline. A lecture of one to two hours every week can’t change someone, you can stay for all these lectures and still be the most hated doctor ever, or else you can still can satay away from all these lectures and still be the best doctor ever. So at the end of the day it’s all down to your self discipline.

And for the record if all the people who lean’t these medical ethics and put them in to practice, doctors these days would have been much better.

My Self Exile From Social Networks.

I’ve told this time and time again in the part with my friends about a self exile from social networks. Although I tried to quit social networking time and time again the addictive nature of social networks drove me back to them like a moth to a flame.

Facebook deleted my Facebook account long time ago, and I’ve already given up my tweeting habit for more than a week. The time has come I guess where social networking is clashing with my real life and with my studies has given me headaches more than once.

Yes, I know I’m partly responsible for my online life and I’m responsible for managing my time but let’s face it, the more you go on social networking the more these big social networks are going to profit from it, for me I guess staying connected with all of my friends all the time is JUST TOO MUCH.

It’s not the fist time that I’ve posted the utterly stupid status update, tweet and comment that I’ve regreted after doing so. I think I wasn’t mature enough to understand social networking when I first started using it.

I stated so many stupid arguments with friends and people I don’t know that I should have not started in the fist place. Like Steve Jobs said “This life is too short, so stop living someone elses life”.

Now I think I’ve understood that real friends exist outside social networks and in the real world. I’m happy to have so many good school friends around me that one can only imagine have in their lives. I realised how many friends remembered my b’day only after Facebook deleted my account, I can’t stop thanking Facebook enough for deleting my account.

Last week me and my friends organized a charity in remembering our good friend who commited suicide, and I also remember me and my friends gathered money to buy a prosthetic leg for a friend who lost his leg in an accident. I’m also happy to say that we’ve organized another charity on February 4th in memory of my friend who commited suicide recently, he would have been 22 if he was alive. I’m so thankful to have so many good friends around me, I’m so proud of you guys.

And also I think time is right to concentrate more on my writing because I love writing, whether you like reading them or not. (I’m not rude, I’m just kidding). I don’t care about the number of stats I get like I used to do some time ago. It’s all about my love towards writing.

So I’ll be going back to sms to keep in touch with my friends, yah I know it sounds so old school but there’s on turning back. I don’t want any of you in doing the same, this is what I believe, I want to keep my life simple. I’m not going to complicate my life anymore.

I’m posting with my mobile phone so I’m sorry about the spelling mistakes that I’ve made if I made any. Cheers.

The Internet Fights Back Against SOPA.

18th January 2011, internet went dark because of the blackout by many popular websites including WordPress against SOPA. I’ve decided to show my protest against SOPA by adding this “No Censorship” banner.

If SOPA is passed by any chance, it’ll be the darkest day of the internet. Internet is the only place where people have total freedom, well at least in countries like US. No point talking about Chin and Iran, their internet freedom died long time ago.

You can be sent to five years in prison for uploading a Michael Jackson song, one year more than the man who killed him.

Let us not forget that it’s this freedom of the internet that helped J.B and Rebecca Black to become so famous, and also helped companies like Facebook, and Wikipedia to develop. Imagine if SOPA was introduced 15 years ago? There will be no Facebook, no Google, no Twitter. The internet would not have been the same.

Talk more about this soon, gotta catch a train, I’m on a tight schedule.