My Self Exile From Social Networks.

I’ve told this time and time again in the part with my friends about a self exile from social networks. Although I tried to quit social networking time and time again the addictive nature of social networks drove me back to them like a moth to a flame.

Facebook deleted my Facebook account long time ago, and I’ve already given up my tweeting habit for more than a week. The time has come I guess where social networking is clashing with my real life and with my studies has given me headaches more than once.

Yes, I know I’m partly responsible for my online life and I’m responsible for managing my time but let’s face it, the more you go on social networking the more these big social networks are going to profit from it, for me I guess staying connected with all of my friends all the time is JUST TOO MUCH.

It’s not the fist time that I’ve posted the utterly stupid status update, tweet and comment that I’ve regreted after doing so. I think I wasn’t mature enough to understand social networking when I first started using it.

I stated so many stupid arguments with friends and people I don’t know that I should have not started in the fist place. Like Steve Jobs said “This life is too short, so stop living someone elses life”.

Now I think I’ve understood that real friends exist outside social networks and in the real world. I’m happy to have so many good school friends around me that one can only imagine have in their lives. I realised how many friends remembered my b’day only after Facebook deleted my account, I can’t stop thanking Facebook enough for deleting my account.

Last week me and my friends organized a charity in remembering our good friend who commited suicide, and I also remember me and my friends gathered money to buy a prosthetic leg for a friend who lost his leg in an accident. I’m also happy to say that we’ve organized another charity on February 4th in memory of my friend who commited suicide recently, he would have been 22 if he was alive. I’m so thankful to have so many good friends around me, I’m so proud of you guys.

And also I think time is right to concentrate more on my writing because I love writing, whether you like reading them or not. (I’m not rude, I’m just kidding). I don’t care about the number of stats I get like I used to do some time ago. It’s all about my love towards writing.

So I’ll be going back to sms to keep in touch with my friends, yah I know it sounds so old school but there’s on turning back. I don’t want any of you in doing the same, this is what I believe, I want to keep my life simple. I’m not going to complicate my life anymore.

I’m posting with my mobile phone so I’m sorry about the spelling mistakes that I’ve made if I made any. Cheers.


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