NoLimit Is Not Serving Harmful Toffees, The Truth Is Out There.

This is the new year season and one of the biggest fashion lines that people go to buy clothes for the new year is No Limit. Recently there has being a huge increase of the popular toffee scam message associated with No Limit. The spam is mainly circulated via Facebook, Twitter and emails. If you sum up the message goes  like this:

At No Limit showrooms they are serving their customers a toffee that contains  Malic Acid. And this toffee is very dangerous for pregnant woman and can also make males infertile, and this is a plot by No Limit fashion line owned by a Muslim Businessman to make the Sinhala People (majority in Sri Lanka) infertile so one day the Muslims will become the majority.

First of all I don’t know why No Limit is serving a toffee in their showrooms, if anyone know the reason leave a comment down below. So I decided to put some light on this matter because most people don’t understand this message and share it without looking more in to this.

She See the Malic Acid in the message, as soon as I first read this message a bell rang in my head,  I’ve heard the word Malic Acid in my bio chemistry lectures and as I remember it’s a harmless substance naturally occurring in the human body, I looked my bio chemistry lectures but I couldn’t find Malic Acid. Yesterday I did some search and found this.

In its ionized form malic acid is called malate

The ever so famous malate, which is a fundamental molecule of all bio chemistry cycles occurring in the human body. The people who are spreading this message is tricking people by using the word malic acid, not malate, the ionized from of malic acid. As most people know acids exist in their ionized form in solutions and also in human body. Therefore malic acid exits as malate in human body.

The people who spread this message on social networks give no reference to where they found this information or how they found Malic Acid is not good for health. However I did some search at PubMed about malic acid, which a standard websites for medical students to get reliable information about medicine, and it had this to say.

In its ionized form malic acid is called malate. Malate is an intermediate of the TCA cycle along with fumarate. It can also be formed from pyruvate as one of the anaplerotic reactions. In humans, malic acid is both derived from food sources and synthesized in the body through the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle which takes place in the mitochondria. Malate’s importance to the production of energy in the body during both aerobic and anaerobic conditions is well established.

( is the PubMed website associated with biochemistry)

The PubMed article gives a very good explanation of Malic acid from top to bottom including the simple text I got from above to very highly advanced information, which is alone to put a lid to this case.

Leave out the technical details aside if you don’t understand what this means, basically malate is an intermediate of the energy production pathway in human body. And it is also an important intermediate in Gluconeogenesis (production of Glucose by liver when you are not having food for a long period of time, like in sleep). So without malate you can’t survive, it is an important molecule in human body. Malic acid is also found in apples so if you are afraid of malic acid then you should be affarid of apples too. If you look at the chart below you’ll see how important Malate (malic acid really is)

Image Source Wikipedia, Click to see full size.

More chemical analysis is needed to be done to find out whether the toffee contains any harmful substances but the message going on around Facebook and Twitter is a scam, probably to keep people away from No Limit showrooms during this new year season.

Malic Acid is totally innocent and should not be afraid to take food containing malic acid. If you think I’m wrong give some hard proof from good resources associated with bio-medicine, biochemistry or medicine. So next time think twice about what you are sharing on social media.  TANGO DOWN.

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The Curious Case of Jihad Cyber Attack.

I suggest you also read my prvious post “Why We Need A Cyber Army” because the two posts are written regarding similar topics. The story of attacked Jihad websites is getting interesting day by day. Today I stumbled upon an article posted at Yahoo news titled “Who is Waging Cyberwar Against the Jihadi Networks?” this article have some really good points that worth noting.

If you didn’t read my previous post, most of the prominent Jihad websites that helps terrorist to communicate online using forums have mysteriously gone offline, without any reason and some of the websites appear online from time to time bust most of the time they stay offline, some believe this is a Denial of Service attack by someone or a counter terrorism attack.  Read my previous post and watch the video for further details.

First of all no one has taken responsible for the attacks, first I thought this might be an attack of the anti terrorist hacker The Jester but still he hasn’t taken any responsibility of it. According to the Yahoo article :

Britain brought down jihadist websites in 2010, but did not admit to doing so until this year. So it is likely that the responsible party, whomever it is, will not be confessing anytime soon.

So there can be government intelligence agencies behind these attacks, but that’s not the interesting part.

“My source, who works as an outside consultant for Spain’s National Intelligence Center, told me that U.S. intelligence agents got in touch with their Spanish counterparts in late March,”. “They told them that, a few days earlier, a team of 10 hackers working for the Obama government had broken the passwords of several of the principal Islamist forums. They said it was the biggest cyberattack yet against these sites.” ~ Pelayo Barro, a journalist for the Spanish digital newspaper El Confidencial

If this is true and government hackers are actually behind these attacks then that proves what I’ve been talking and believing for a long time, that Governments must use talented hackers or their intelligence agencies to tackle these cyber terrorist online.

According to some the above cracking of Jihad forums helped to arrest an Administrator that ran few Jihad Websites and the terrorists took the remaining forums offline to protect themselves.

So what really happened to these Jihad websites? Did they took them down voluntarily or is it because of an arrest of a Jihad website administrator? If it was a cyber attack then why aren’t these terrorists making any comment about it? However each day more and more information is coming up, I hope we’ll get to know what really happened soon.

The cyber war is imminent, and the next frontier on the war against terrorism is the cyberspace. Some might argue about the freedom of speech but these are terrorists and for the safety of the majority such actions are needed.  So the time is right for the authorities to fights these LTTE cyber terrorist online.

I asked from Sam Bowne and Mikko Hypponen, they had two different ideas about the matter. Should authorities take action to take down terrorist/extremist websites from the internet?

There is an unequal amount of good and bad in most things, the trick is to figure out the ratio and act accordingly. TANGO DOWN.

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Why We Need A Cyber Army.

If you are following the recent news on cyber security, you might have seen that most of the prominent Al Qaeda websites are currenly down or most of the time offline due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, I mentioned DoS separately because it can also the work of th3j35t3r who has a special kind of a denial of service tool and it might be him behind these attacks.

If you watch the YouTube video above Mikko Hypponen of F Secure talking about terrorists online you’ll understand that terrorist are no longer people hiding in jungles, or suicide bombers attacking high-profile targets. They are now occupying the internet, spreading their propaganda online, recruiting new members and gathering funds for their future activities.

When it comes to the LTTE the situation is not as severe as Al Qaeda but if LTTE were still militarily active in the country things might have been the same. However there are  pro LTTE websites out there spreading their propaganda online and gathering funds for diaspora. Tamilnet, Tamil News Network and TYO (Tamil Youth Organization). Although Tamilnet is blocked by the government it can be accessed online via proxies or via Google Reader as I’m doing it. So censoring  website is not enough to stop the propaganda on terrorist organizations.

Leaving speech of freedom aside, these are terrorists acting online, as terrorist are  eliminated in the ground, these cyber terrorist must be eliminated too. There for it’s a must for countries to have cyber armies. United States already have one, China has a cyber army that some say the largest in the world, Israel also has a cyber army.

Therefore it’s time to set up a cyber army in Sri Lanka to :

  • Take down terrorist websites offline
  • Track cyber terrorist online
  • Hacking cyber terrorist and disrupting their communication

Terrorist must be defeated militarily, diplomatically and from cyberspace alike, the cyber war has already begun Wikileaks was taken down for a period of time when they published sensitive data about US military. Without stopping these terrorist websites the war against terrorism is not fully won. TANGO DOWN.

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The Art Of Living With 2500 Per Month.

The much-anticipated debate is over,”Can a single person live with Rs 2500 per month” between Minister Bandula Gunawardana and Ravi Karunanayaka. I really looked forward in watching this debate because both Bandula and Ravi are good in economics and if Bandula Gunawardana proved that a person can live with just Rs 2500 per month it would have been some big achievement. Although looking at the debates Ravi could have done better because it’s easier for Ravi to prove Bandula is wrong than the other way around. But the big question is “is this even a topic to debate about”?

So here’s how some one can live with just 2500 per month.

Most of us have got it wrong from the beginning. According to Mr Bandula a person only need to spend 2500 per month only for food, and according to him a single person only spends 41% for food. So let’s do some calculation, and I think most of the people missed this.

Amount spent for food = 41% = 2500

Amount spent for other expenses = 58% = 3536.60

Minimum amount for a single person per month= 6036.60 (gas + electricity + water + other expenses)

Therefor for a family of 3 =  6036.60 x 3 = 18109.80

For a family of 4 = 6036.60 x 4 = 24158. 40

Now, Rs 24160 is a big amount of money, and because the father is the only one making money in most families, then he has to earn a minimum of 24000 per month. Just to spend for the basic needs of a family, without saving any or using money for anything extra. Anyway, Ravi didn’t do the debate was well as expected and in the end I think looking just at the debate Bandula won the debate this time. Thumbs up for Bandula for coming for the debate.

When it comes to Twitter, twitter went wild during the debate with #BandulaVsRavi hashtag, here are some of the best tweets that I found very amusing.

I was actually shocked when a caller told he can live with just 2500 per month, it will be nice if he can teach us all how to live with 2500 per month. Let’s call it a paid advertisement. So what’s your opinion? Can you live with 2500 per month?

Go to Twazzup to catch all the tweets with #BandulaVsRavi :


Thanks for @groundviews  for Tweeting about my post, and yes I agree Ravi should have gone harder at Mr Bandula, Ravi had all the points in the world to prove Mr Bandula is wrong.


Raggers Must Not Go Unpunished.

Yesterday a post on Ceylon Today News website caught my attention, it was titled “IUSF claims raggers are innocent!”. Ragging has been there for a long time at universities, as years gone by the severity of ragging incidents have increased to such an extent that some have even died due to harsh ragging.

Luckily  for us our university has no physical ragging, this is not because of any rule by the government but because the student themselves have stopped physically ragging to the new comers. Pulling a prank on juniors is fine so seniors can be friends with them, but hard physical ragging is something that must not happen in universities.

However, in some universities like Peradeniya the physical ragging has become so harsh that some of these ragging methods make us think whether Peradeniya is a university for studying or for ragging.

However, it’s sad to see organizations like the IUSF (Inter University Student Federation) taking the side of the raggers and tries to protect them, if ragging has been taken place, then the people who are responsible must not go unpunished, if raggers walk away without facing any trial then that is encouraging the others to rag the juniors next year.

If the people who are under arrest are not responsible for ragging, IUSF must help the police to find the people who are really responsible for ragging. Making totally nonsense stories will not help the student who got injured due to ragging, and the students who are hoping to enter universities this year because protecting raggers will only encourage others to rag.

One must not forget that only 1% of the ragging incidents come to the surface because of the magnitude of the incidents, almost all other physical ragging incidents go without making into the news. Most of the students don’t complain and don’t help with police investigations about ragging incidents because they are too afraid. Therefore, these incidents that do make it to the surface must be thoroughly investigated and the people who are responsible of ragging must be punished or should not be allowed to enter universities again.

Read Ceylon Today’s post IUSF claims raggers are innocent! :

Breaking News: Wimal Weerawansa To Launch A Rival Search Engine Against Google.

After publicly asking people to stop using Google services, Minister Wimal Weerawansa has decided to launch his own search engine that hopes to take down Google some day.

We received this news from a reliable source working on the project, who is one of the best software engineers and web designers in Sri Lanka. This search engine will be launched minute to midnight today.

The site will deliver anti-American and pro Iranian search results, and as our sources explained this will certainly be a challenge for Google. According to him Google has already asked them to stop the project at whatever cost because Google is at rick of being bankrupt.

Sri Lankan IT industry leaders like Shaggy_1 (with his newly invented start-up which is also a major hit) says this is a good move forward towards the future development of the IT sector in Sri Lanka and asks “scumbags” like us (outcastlife) to stay away from ruining Sri Lankan start-ups.

The also explains that they are currently on the rival websites for Gmail, Google+, and YouTube. According to sources this will be named as GooWimal because the search engine will go head on against Google.


This post was written as an April 1st joke and everything in this post are fabricated and not related to any real life incident (except for the tweet above and what’ behind it). I was really surprised with the number of shares it got of Facebook, special thanks goes to my unnamed friend who helped to share this. I don’t know why that Indian guy reblogged this post in his technology blog as a news, “don’t trust anything on the internet posted on April 1st. Cheers.