Is It Practical To Teach Medical Ethics By Lectures?

At the medical college there are two subjects that I’ve never took part in any of the lectures, they are the “community medicine” and “behavioral science”. I never take part in these lectures because in my mind they are useless. Only thing we can get is a good one hour sleep. Recently, one day we only had two behavioral science lectures for the day, ha ha a very rare treat for this hectic life at he university.

so I decided to take it to the library because if I stayed at home I won’t be doing much of a studying than watching TV or browsing the internet. So by te time I went there it was in between lectures and guys were having a 15 minute break before the next lecture. On my way to the library I met a friend.

I asked him what happned during lectures.

She said they were teaching us medical ethics, we should learn them to be good doctors, they are not going to ask any of them at the exam, but people should not be such exam orientated. It’s good if they can come to this lectures as well.

Ouch, I know that was directed towards me, after the the initial ******, I was back to normal and went to the library and did my studies. I don’t come to these lectures not because that I don’t want to become a good doctor but because I sleep 6 hours every night and I don’t want to sleep during the day time anymore.

Do you really think that you can teach medical ethics and how to be a good doctor by lectures?

Personally I don’t think it is possible, no matter how hard you try change his behavior and attitudes just by giving him some lectures, yes I know something is better than nothing, so it’s OK to give it try and change people’s attitudes by giving some lectures. However, saying that you can’t become a good doctor just because you didn’t show up for these lectures is as stupid as saying as someone once told m, “all good doctors must ONLY wear white or near to white shirts” because you can’t judge a person from someone’s appearance, it’s as simple as that. The most good looking doctor can be the nastiest one.

I think someone’s behavior depends on the environment he grew up and how he was groomed since their childhood, and most impotently self discipline. A lecture of one to two hours every week can’t change someone, you can stay for all these lectures and still be the most hated doctor ever, or else you can still can satay away from all these lectures and still be the best doctor ever. So at the end of the day it’s all down to your self discipline.

And for the record if all the people who lean’t these medical ethics and put them in to practice, doctors these days would have been much better.


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