Sometimes Ignorance Is A Bliss.

Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.

These days most of my time is spent mostly on studying for my medical course 1st bar examination. This is said to be the most toughest examination within the medical colleges in the country where nearly half of the while batch fails in their first attempt. The only relief I have is that nearly most of the people who fails the first attempt somehow pass it in their second attempt.

From my school days I used to be hanging out with friends who are not so ‘nerdy’ as the ones that I normally meet at the medical college. Some of them eat, breath and live medicine. This is certainly not my type of people and sometimes I find it hard to hang around these type of people, but somehow life has to go on.

The friends that I used to grow up are people who hangout often, helping each other, laughing and having fun most of the time. There are no bid dreams in them, they have no idea what’s there for them tomorrow, no big dreams of getting classes at examinations, just living as it comes with occasionally stalking girls from time to time. I was just as same as them except that I didn’t go after girls.

Here at medical college, everything is a rat race, everybody wants to pass the exam, everyone has a dream of getting a first class. They won’t tell you  that they want a first class, but you can see it from their faces. No body is helping others, not even their own friends. Back in my school days betrayal of another friend is like a cardinal sin, but now I see friends betraying friends everyday, this is why staying at medical college is a headache for me, there is no one you can trust at the medical college.

However although everyone is going after first classes, and to become batch top, sometimes I think to myself, is this really life? Because you study and study and study in the time of your life that won’t come again and pass as an adult, spending the best time of your life inside anatomy books.

Thinking and looking at all that’s happening around me at the medical college, I’ve decided the time is right for me to again take it easy, go back to the life that I had those days, where there was no pressure on myself to pass examination, no dream of getting big classes and no fear of failure. I think the no fear of failure is the main thing that carried me forward in my school days, if it worked back then it’ll work now.

Looking at my friends, I’d rather ignore what’s happening around me, I’ll let my friends chase the big dreams of getting classes at the examination while I live in my own bum world. Sometimes it’s the inner happiness that matters, not whether you passed the examination or not. Therefor it’s OK to ignore all the things people around you are doing and like they say, Ignorance Is A Bliss.


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