The Internet Fights Back Against SOPA.

18th January 2011, internet went dark because of the blackout by many popular websites including WordPress against SOPA. I’ve decided to show my protest against SOPA by adding this “No Censorship” banner.

If SOPA is passed by any chance, it’ll be the darkest day of the internet. Internet is the only place where people have total freedom, well at least in countries like US. No point talking about Chin and Iran, their internet freedom died long time ago.

You can be sent to five years in prison for uploading a Michael Jackson song, one year more than the man who killed him.

Let us not forget that it’s this freedom of the internet that helped J.B and Rebecca Black to become so famous, and also helped companies like Facebook, and Wikipedia to develop. Imagine if SOPA was introduced 15 years ago? There will be no Facebook, no Google, no Twitter. The internet would not have been the same.

Talk more about this soon, gotta catch a train, I’m on a tight schedule.


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