Things To Be Expected On Facebook.

Facebook is in a period of change where, where they are going to add new features and the highly expected app center.

Today when I logged in to Facebook, I found this unusual icon in the side bar called “Connection Search”, it’s actually a way of finding friends like “Contact search”, so when I clicked on the Connection search icon this page appeared. Click to see the large image.

Facebook connection search, a thing to expect?

So is this a something to expect on Facebook? I asked some of my friends and no one has ever seen something called “Connection Search” before.Sadly the feature is still not available for me.

The other interesting thing here is the Tweet button. I think this is the first time, we’ve seen an actual Tweet button on a main Facebook page.

Facebook is also about to roll something new features called “Trending Videos”, where they are going to put popular public videos on Facebook. Just like what’s hot on Google Plus.

I’ll put a screen cap, when I see “Trending Videos” on my timeline.

The Facebook App Center will look like this :

Facebook AppCenter


Challenging The Challenge.

Life at medical college has been very challenging so far, and keeps getting increasingly challenging everyday.  Exam is one month away and I guess everybody is starting to feel the heat of the examination.

Although, many people like to do medicine as a child, I find studying medicine is a painful experience, it’s not my thing and I suck at it big time. Medicine is just too static, there is  nothing innovative you can do in it, there is no sense of achievement, the thing is if you have studied then you know the answer to the questions, if you didn’t study then you don’t know the answer, there is not option like “I can work out and find the answer” in medicine.

Although I knew that I suck at medicine , I couldn’t find the answer why I hated medicine. I know I hated medicine but didn’t know why, I just did. Recently my brother asked help from me for some chemistry problems that were hard for him to solve and I took the challenge of doing that.  It took me some time to work out the answers because I have’t done chemistry after I left school. However, I managed to solve the problems and I found answer to the problem why I suck at medicine.

When I finished the chemistry problem, I had a feeling, a feeling I had when I was schooling. It was a happy feeling but it was more than just plain happy, it had something that can’t be expressed by words. It was the feeling of achievement, I had to work hard and think hard to find the answer and at the end I can say it that it’s my answer, I figured it out by myself. If someone is passionate in doing something it’s because he enjoys doing it, there is a sense of achievement in hid work, this drives him forward in what he does.

However, I realized that there is no such thing as a feeling of achievement in medicine. This makes me hate medicine more and more because there is not happiness in doing medicine. All you get at the end of the day is stress, nothing else. I think this is why I suck in medicine. I think because of this everyday I do medicine it makes me hate medicine more and more. Sometimes I get the feeling that medicine has ruined my life and I should have done something else. I think it’s the feeling of regret.

I never wanted to do medicine from the beginning, all I wanted to do was pass the Advanced Level examination and do my higher education in some other area where I like, the results were better that what I expected and here I am at medical college. Everything happened to me because of luck.

You cramp up books, you fill your head with things that you can’t even remember. Face an exam and score marks. So what’s the achievement in that? You don’t have to use your brain one bit to finding answers, only thing you need is memorizing what’s in the book. I now feel anyone can do medicine all you need to have is the ability to memorize everything. You don’t need anything else to do medicine.

However, running away from the problem is not the answer, running away from the challenge is easy and anyone can do that, but facing the challenge is better and challenging the challenge is far better. So I;m going to take studying medicine as a challenge and I’m going to challenge the challenge. And if I survive then it’s awesome, if I fail it won’t matter either because I gave my 100% and there is nothing more I can give.

You might think differently than me and very well feel that I’m mad, Yes I know that’s just me.

Valentine’s Day. Food For Thought.

Valentine’s day is finally over and this year to it has been just another day at college for me. I really don’t know why people celebrate a Valentine’s day? I think it’s just another ordinary day, where companies have made it to a multimillion dollar business.

However every year I enjoy going to my friends and asking from them how they celebrate the Valentine’s day.

From the guys that I’ve talked to at medical college the most popular choice among boys were chocolates, I’m sure Cadbury is feeling like X’mas on Valentine’s days. However the most insane present that I came across today is one of my friends giving a high-priced smart phone to his girlfriend, his girlfriend has also done the same by buying him some high quality jeans. My foreign students at college will be going to Colombo today to have some fun with their loved ones.

However when it comes to my personal view I don’t think Valentine’s day is a day that should be celebrated, in fact people need to love their loved ones every single day as if it’s Valentine’s day. It’s okay to have fun on Valentine’s day, but it doesn’t matter how much you show your love to your partner on Valentine’s day, if you don’t show the same love to your partner in the rest of 364 days there is no point of celebrating a single day at all. And I believe that the best gift that you can give to your partner is being trustworthy to him/her.

So hats off to the people who celebrate day, and for all the single people like me out there, let’s enjoy our stay on planet earth. Being single has its own advantages.

For the record because I love myself, I bought myself a chocolate. 😀

The Second Chance

Everyone has so many ideas inside their head waiting to be released , including me. But only very few of these ideas see the light of day and most of these ideas are lost in the sands of time forever. Even from these ideas that get the chance to see the light of day only few of them finally succeed.

In my case 99% of these ideas don’t see the light of day because I’m studying medicine which I have to dedicate most of my time. The 1% of the ideas that do see the light of day end up becoming epic fails.

In this society it’s hard to do what we actually want to do. As children we all have big dreams but finally most of us end up as adults doing something that we don’t like doing. Where I wanted to become a software engineer and now ended up becoming a medical student and if I’m really lucky I’ll end up being a doctor.

For most of us chances of getting a second chance to do what we actually want to do is something that’ll never happen in this life. The result is no matter how hard we end up developing an interest for the thing we’re destined to be. It’s sometimes so frustrating looking at people becoming what we dreamt of becoming oneday.

Leaving that aside, sometimes for some people they do get a second chance in their lives to follow their dreams. This happened very recently to one of my friends who came to Sri Lanka from Buthan to become a doctor, her name is Rinchen.

However she had very little interest in medicine, she tried as much as she could to develop her interest towards medicine. She wanted to become a biologist.

Finally she got a scholarship to go to Canada to study biology, she went yesterday to Buthan and she’ll soon go to Canada for her future studies.

We’re all sad because we won’t be seeing her again in the faculty. We’ll miss her a lot and we know she’ll miss us too. But I’m happy that she got a second chance in life that most of us won’t get. A second chance to follow her dream, so we all like to wish her a bright future ahead. Some might say “medicine is medicine”, but still there’s nothing better in life than doing things that you like to do.

Like Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

We’re all living on borrowed time. So enjoy your stay on planet earth. If you get a second chance in your life don’t think twice in grabbing it because that might be the last chance you’ll ever get.

To Stress The System

Move Fast And Break Things

Everyone on the internet is talking about the Facebook IPO and virtually everything that has to be said about the IPO is now said, and this new Facebook IPO trend made me watch “The Social Network” movie again, (I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve watched the movie.)

The Social Network is an inspirational movie for me, I wanted to write this post form the very first time I’ve watched the movie, but didn’t had any time and a place like this blog, because I haven’t started this blog back in 2010, but I’ve mentioned about these ideas on Twitter from time to time. Most of my colleagues are laughing at the back of their mind when I talk stuff like these, a guy in medical college who can’t even get an A pass for an exam talking about reaching impossible goals, or a guy who is not satisfied being at medical college.

Tell you the truth I’m not satisfied of being at medical college, I strongly believe that this life is ours to enjoy and we don’t have to stuck in offices till we become grand parents. From the beginning I’ve never wanted to work as a doctor for the rest of my life. I only want to stay as a doctor until I make enough money to live the rest of my life, I want to retire quickly and enjoy the rest of my life in peace. Some argue that it is a responsibility for a doctor to serve the need of the poor patients, but come-on we spend the best part of our lives cramping books and inside libraries while others get the chance to enjoy there lives to the fullest in their teen ages, even doctors have the right to enjoy their lives.

I think the problem is in the society that I live in, from the day we enter primary school there is the competition to be the first in the class and when we do Advanced Level there is competition to enter medical college or engineering college, so the only thing that students do is chewing up the books, after entering universities this thing is even worst and 75% of the university time is being spent on studies.

Lets take an example, I’m a medical student, I passed my Advanced Level in my first attempt and got the chance to enter one of the best medical colleges in the country, when I pass out I’ll be 25 years old, without even earning a penny in the 5 years spent at the medical college. Then I won’t be getting a good income until I stabilize in the medical field and that’ll take at least another 10 years, I’ll be 35 by then and I won’t be even half as rich as Mark Zuckerberg when he was 25. This story is even worse who entered the medical college doing his third attempt at advanced level.

I don’t think the problem is with the education system, I think the problem is with students’ mindset, everyone is obsessed getting a first class at medical college and no one wants to do something innovative in their time. at medical college other than studying. The problem is in our college society if someone need to get the respect of others you need to get an extremely good result. And the people who do get an extremely good result won’t care a shit about the people who get a normal result and just pass the exam.

Student need to break this system of being book worms, or else we won’t have someone like Mark, Steve Jobs or David Karp from this education system forever until we change the system, it’s not a problem with the education system, it’s a problem of how we use the system. Break the system or at least stress the system, If each and everyone don’t try to break or stress the system the system will stay the same, but if everyone tried to stress the system them the system will break at some point. If we don’t then we’ll be just like the rest of them spending our lives at offices and doing our job until we become grand parents. But then again what do I know, I’m just another out cast student blogging his random thoughts.

Anything is possible, just keep thinking.

When All Trains Stop

When All Trains Stop

What happens when all the trains in the country stop running at the same time in a middle of the rush hour?

The result is panic, sheer bloody panic. This is what I came across yesterday when all trains stopped at 4 PM in the evening just at the start of the rush hour, without prior notice  asking for a salary hike.

It was around 6 PM when I got to the Ragama train station after finishing a very busy day at the college, when I got to the station there were people gather around the train with a handful of cops. By then I thought it was because of some sort of  small incident, but when I asked from a policeman what has gone wrong he told me that all trains have stopped at the same time as a sign of protest. The people at the station were trying to attack the train driver because of they were abandon at Ragama station, police were called to calm down the incident.

It’s fair in the people’s point of view to get mad at the train drivers because people pay for their transportation and the train workers have no right to go for a protest without proper announcement and specially in the middle of the rush hour.

So the policeman told me that it’s easier for me to take the bus, nothing else to do I went to the bus stop, and things couldn’t get any worse than that, because all the trains had stopped everyone going to their homes after work has no other options other than going by bus. Because of this now all the buses are jam packed with some people even going on the roofs, things looked like in India where I’ve seen pictures of people going on the roofs of trains and buses.

Even at the bus stop there were nearly 200 people gathered trying to catch a bus, bust because all the buses were jam packed even they were left with no other option other than wait. I nearly stayed two hours and the time was nearly 9 at night, I waited hoping the crowd would lessen up so I can catch a bus, but  the crowds at buses kept increasing. By then mom had also gotten scared because now it was night and I had no way of getting home.

Finally I called my uncle where I’m staying and explained him the situation and asked whether he can come and pick me up. I know it was a trouble for them, and I didn’t like to trouble them at all, but yesterday’s situation left me with no other option. Luckily he agreed to come and pick me up. I was so frustrated when I got to back home, unable to do anything I had no other options other than hitting my bed. The railway workers have talked with the government and has come to a decision, and the strike was called off.

People really need to be more responsible when taking such drastic moves, it’s OK to protest asking for a salary hike, but people should not put others lives in trouble in doing so. I was lucky because my uncle was there to come and pick  me up,what about other who can’t do something like that. I hope at least next time when people are going to protest they’ll at least make a proper announcement so we won’t end up in a big trouble.

Move Fast And Break Things

I don’t like Facebook for so many reasons and people around me know that very well. But yet I like their motto “Move Fast And Break Things” which exactly what I tink everyone should be like.

This week I’ve decided to give up staying for lecturers all together and use that time I sleep at lectures for something useful. Previously I stayed for at least one or two lectures everyday, but now I’m going to stay only for the lectures that are given by the lecturers that I don’t fall a sleep.

Most of my friends at college are so afraid to break the rules, I think it’s the typical nature of medical students, they like to stay in their nice cozy rooms and spend the rest of their lives, no adventure no excitement in their lives.

I break the rules everyday, even yesterday someone told me “we should not break the same rule twice” but if there is a rule in-between you and what you want to do and if then we have no choice but to break the rules and move forward. (as long as what you want to do is not illegal)

Rules should be here just to protect law and order and not to limit us from reaching our goals.

I hope my plan of not staying for lectures and use that time for something goes well, it’s hard to do something like that when people all around you are die hard book worms. Peace.