Suicide Is NOT The Answer. You Are Never Alone.

Today is an extremely sad day for me and most of my fellow school friends because one of my best friends since school days committed suicide yesterday. Although the reason is not yet clear why he committed suicide we don’t see any need for him to commit suicide.

I still remember how I first met him, he came to our school after passing the grade 5 scholarship examination and he was selected for the special class for students who only passed the grade 5 scholarship examination. I failed the scholarship examination because I fell 2 marks short pf passing it.  So I was at the classroom next to where they had the special classroom for students who passed the grade 5 examination.

It never took long for us to become good friends, he was a quiet student just like me, who never wanted any unwanted attention, but he was a talented student because he even played for the school cricket team for 3-4 years. Both of us did Western Music for our ordinary level examination and we regularly met during Western Music classes and that made us really good friends.

Then at grade 9 we had a mixing of students between the classes and him and me both fell to the same class, and since then there was no stopping our friendship and I knew that I found a friend for a lifetime. We attended the same maths tuition class with two more of my best friends, I still remember we staying at the last raw of the class thawing paper balls to girls, teasing them and having a good time, but four of us were exceptionally good in mathematics, so four of us decided to do maths for advanced level examination, hoping one day to become good engineers.

He helped me countless times for my studies during ordinary levels and advanced levels, he was always there for me whenever I had a problem and he was one rare friend who really understood me very well.

However it was not to be, after finishing ordinary level I found advanced mathematics difficult and I decided to bio science instead, but my friend decided to continue in mathematics in his higher studies. This was the only time we parted after so staying so long together as good friends. However, we never had any problems keeping in touch because advanced level mathematics class was right next to the advanced level bio class. We used to hang out together a lot during our free times.

We did advanced level examination back in 2009, I was lucky to enter medical faculty in my first attempt, to the surprise of many including teachers and even to myself, because I never thought I’d get selected for medical faculty. However my friend was not as lucky as me to get selected to the engineering faculty in his first attempt, but he never gave up his hope to have higher education.

Finally his hard work paid off when he got selected to the university on December 26th, 2011. I called him that night and we talked for so long, we talked about the good times we had back then and we even talked of meeting sometime soon. However that was not be, and I never thought that I might not see his face again. I last met him March 2011 during our school’s annual cricket match with our rival school.

For some unknown reason he decided to end his time on earth. We are still confused about why he committed suicide because we see no reason at all for him to do such a thing, I went through time and time again thinking about a reason for him to commit suicide and I couldn’t find any.

It might be some very personal reason that he never shared with us for all this time, we might never find a reason for why e decided to commit suicide. The reason will be buried with him forever tomorrow. He has not written any letter, deleted all his messages and contact information. But what if he decided to call me and talk about his problem. Things could have been much different and he could have been with us right now and I would not have to write such a sad post today.

So my message to all of you who are reading post today is, Suicide Is NOT The Answer. You Are Never Alone. Dying is easy, living is hard, there are so many people out there with so many problems in their lives that we can’t even imagine going through tough times but never giving up. That is the real spirit of human nature, if you come across an obstacle in life, try to jump over it, if that doesn’t work then try to work around it. Either way you’ll be a winner in your life.

If you can’t stop keep the pressure inside, talk about the problem with your friend. Talk your problem with a friend that will really understands you, even talking about the problem is even enough for someone who is depressed to have a relief. If you have no body to talk to, talk to a doctor, he’s the next best person that can really understand and help you.

So please for god sake do not commit suicide, you are not alone, there is someone out their waiting to talk about your problem and help you to get through it. If my friend understood this fact he would have been alive with us today.

My friend, for the last 11 years you’ve been a goo friend of mine, you should have called me my friend, you should have called me. Sadly this fate has given us only this much of a time to be good friends, fate has not given me the chance to come for your funeral or to give you a final farewell. I know you are somewhere out there, I’ll miss you for the rest of my life. I’ll always cherish the good times we had, thanks for being a good friend of mine and helping me to get through thick and thin, I wish I could have done the same for you. REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND, NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN, NOTHING IS EVER FORGOTTEN.


2 thoughts on “Suicide Is NOT The Answer. You Are Never Alone.

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. I hope your message reaches others who might feel as though they can’t talk about what they’re going through.

    And welcome to the blogging community 🙂

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