I Got The Vaccine Alright

Ha ha finally I got the shot alright. In my last post I said I’m going to get my Hepatitis B vaccination because it’s a must for a medical student and a doctor to get vaccinated before he or she start doing clinical practises.

Today me and two of my friends went to the hospital to take the vaccine. It’s a fairly big hospital, actually it’s not a single hospital but a hospital complex as we know it’s one of the biggest in the country. We should have gone to room 15 where it’s the out patients department. However we ended up going to the 15th ward of the hospital. Then we had to go all the way back to the out patients department where it was in another building, so we had to go all the way back to the out patients department. One of my friends told me that it’s a good thing we didn’t ended up in an operation theater where they’ll drag us into an operation like they do it in the movies.

When we were going back to the out patients department we had a jolly good time. It was about the Hippocratic oath, Hippocratic oath says in a section that doctors are not allowed to have sex with their own patients. So one of my friends made a question if such a line is there at the oath how are the doctors suppose to have sex with their wives because the wife will definitely going to be a patient of the doctor.

Don’t misunderstand of what I’m saying, yes at fist we all had some doubt about it, but my other friend (Let’s call him Das) who’s mother is a doctor came forward to clear our doubts. The oath says doctors are not suppose to have sex with their patients. He explained it means that when someone comes to you as a patient you should not have a sexual relationship with the patient. It should only be a doctor patient relationship. But once you finished the doctor patient relationship in the real world you are free to date the patient. Strange but yes that’s the only explanation we can finally agree with.

Then we went on and got our prescription and went to the vaccination room to get the vaccination. I haven’t got a vaccination for a good 14 years and I was in doubt. There were few of my Bhutan friends who have taken the vaccination first. When I asked them did it hurt they said it was really painfull. Ha ha thanks to them I was very much sacred. I even pulled my arm at the first time because of that and gave the nurse who was vaccinating a good laugh.

Finally the vaccination was done and I didn’t feel a thing. Yes, one shot completed two more to go and now I’m not afraid.

In my last post I talked about whether it’s good to bathe after vaccination, and looks like that’s a one BIG MYTH. I think it’s totally depend on the person who’s vaccinating. If he believes that myth then he’ll ask you not to bathe. But if he does not then you are allowed to bathe. Thankfully the person who vaccinated me was not a believer and I bathe after getting home and I’m better than ever. There is no scientific basis for not bathing after being vaccinated. So don’t worry even if you bathe nothing will happen. But you might get side effects and that is completely normal and you can get that with or without bathing.

I’m posting this via my mobile phone. Sorry if I made any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Hope you all have a fine weekend.


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