#SMDayCMB The Hashtag That Made Me Lugh Hard.

If you don’t know (like I didn’t know until 5 P.M yesterday, when a friend of mine asked me whether I was at the Mashable Social Media Day), there was something called Mashable Social Media Day at Excel World, Colombo. I don’t know what happened, whatever happened I guess it’s about social media.

And the hash tag for the event was #SMDayCMB, and when I logged into Twitter at 11 PM and checked some of the tweets, they were like this :

And I was thinking this,



If you don’t know Twitter started rolling a feature called Tailored Tweets, where trends are made according to your location, the websites you frequently visit and the tweets you make.

And it didn’t appear tonight, it was rolled 2 3 weeks back by Twitter.

There are no such thing as word wide trends, you can get the world-wide trends if you opt out from tailored trends.

I think the best thing for all the people to do is to know more about what’s happening in social media, rather than “troll” in for a social media day. Thanks for making us (me and @ivp10) laugh hard. I’m so rude.

PS : At least please read More Mashable, before going to their events.



Sri Lankan ISPs Block Access To Piratebay and Pastebin.

Looks like Sri Lankan Internet Service Providers are blocking access to popular torrent tacking website The Pirate Bay (thepiratebay) and popular code sharing website pastebin.com.

The Sri Lanka Telecon has blocked access to Pastebin and The Pirate Bay for two days/ The Indian ISP AirTel has blocked access to torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and Torrents.eu for few weeks now.

It’s not sure why Sri Lanka Telecom is blocking access to patebin, however looks like not all Sri Lanka Telecom subscribers are affected, according to some pastbin is still accessible and takes a very long time for the page to come up. Pastebin is a website designed for code sharing, however now it’s widely being used by the Anonymous hackers ¬†as a place to post their hacked data. So is Sri Lanka Telecom blocking access to pastebin because Anonymous hackers posting hacked information? There is no any other reason than that to block pastebin.

Looks like The Pirate Bay is also being blocked by Sri Lanka Telecom, the real reason for this is still unknown, there has been no press release or anything like that. Sri Lankan Telecom might be blocking Piratebay because of piracy issues, and people must not forget that Piratebay is also a place where Anonymous hackers release their hacked information.

@CrazyNalin @RukshanR @tpb TPB is banned from Airtel too. torrents . eu and some more too. Many people are having difficulties in accessing
‚ÄĒ Madhu (@ipv10) May 20, 2012

However for non Sri Lankan Telecom subscribers pastebin and The Pirate Bay (for non AriTel subscribers) is still freely accessible.

Did Sri Lankan Telecom block patebin because of Anonymous hackers? I’ll update this post as I find more information.

However, if you know the ways it’s pretty much easy to bypass these blocks by using proxies, VPN, or my favorite TOR. Meanwhile in Pakistan Twitter has been blocked by the Pakistani¬†Telecommunication¬†Authority, looks like today is a sad day for freedom on the internet.

Breaking News: Wimal Weerawansa To Launch A Rival Search Engine Against Google.

After publicly asking people to stop using Google services, Minister Wimal Weerawansa has decided to launch his own search engine that hopes to take down Google some day.

We received this news from a reliable source working on the project, who is one of the best software engineers and web designers in Sri Lanka. This search engine will be launched minute to midnight today.

The site will deliver anti-American and pro Iranian search results, and as our sources explained this will certainly be a challenge for Google. According to him Google has already asked them to stop the project at whatever cost because Google is at rick of being bankrupt.

Sri Lankan IT¬†industry¬†leaders like Shaggy_1¬†(with his newly invented start-up which is also a major hit) says this is a good move forward towards the future development of the IT sector in Sri Lanka and asks “scumbags” like us (outcastlife) to stay away from ruining Sri Lankan start-ups.

The also explains that they are currently on the rival websites for Gmail, Google+, and YouTube. According to sources this will be named as GooWimal because the search engine will go head on against Google.


This post was written as an April 1st joke and everything in this post are fabricated and not related to any real life incident (except for the¬†tweet¬†above and what’ behind it). I was really surprised with the number of shares it got of Facebook, special thanks goes to my unnamed friend who helped to share this. I don’t know why that Indian guy reblogged this post in his technology blog as a news, “don’t trust anything on the internet posted on April 1st. Cheers.

Sony Xperia‚ĄĘ, Made of Imagination

Just stumbled upon this Ad about Sony Xperia on my Google+ stream, it’s a really neat video, simple yet creative. Currently Sony is making some really good smart phones thanks to Android. Feel sad about what’s happening with Nokia, they didn’t make the right moves at the right time. And Sony is now on a roll.

Nokia never switched to Android when they had the chance, they released a series of cheap mobile phones, when they should have released good smart phones. Let’s hope they can bounce back with Windows Mobile, because Nokia got the hardware and the phones are as good as they get, Lumia 900 looks really great.

Directed by Wes Anderson, this stop-motion animation spot portrays an 8 year old’s perspective. Do you find the ad to be made of imagination as the title claims?

Models Are Made, The Magic Behind The Camera.

If you are a girl who compares yourself to¬†models¬†in magazines and, or guys who’re dreaming about having a girls who’s like a model, then you better check this video out and see how the magic is made.

Well sometimes you have to admit, there are some who look great in-front of the camera without any magic.

Romancing The Stone

Romancing The Stone

After a hectic five days of work Saturday is my go to day for movies. I don’t miss a Saturday without watching a movie or two no matter how busy I am.

I’ve just finished watching the movie “Romancing The Stone”, and this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been a big fan of old movies, specially movies before 1990. So when I started watching this I thought am I going to waste 2 and a half hours of my life by watching this but in the end decided to give it a try because I’m a big fan of Michael Douglas.

Romancing The Stone stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. I don’t know whether to categorize it as a romantic movie or an action/adventure. It’s a good mix of both of them with some humor.

At the start of the movie you don’t get that excitement with the dark scenes of Colombia with young Michael Douglas acting as a ladies’ man (I think this is because I’ve only seen Michael Douglas as a special agent or a man in a tuxedo) but slowly gathers pace and excitement builds up to the climax and a perfect ending.

At the begining Kathleen Turner is dreaming of having a man who’s like a cowboy and you just get the feeling as soon as Michael Douglas enters the movie that they’re going to fall in love because he fits Kathleen Turner’s dream guy perfectly, so the end of the movie is almost predetermined from there onwards, but the excitement is about what happens in between.

When talking about the acting, at the begining of the movie you get the feeling Michael Douglas don’t know what he’s supposed to act kind of a feeling but as the movie goes on he finds his place at the movie.

When it comes to Kathleen Turner’s acting she is outstanding from the begining of the movie and ever so hot (she almost look like one of my best friends in the movie). And Kathleen Turner makes a fine partner for Michael Douglas.

So when you add all these things together what we get is a fine movie worth watching every second of it. So he you get the chance don’t forget to watch the movie. It’s one of the best movies I’ve even seen.¬†Now I can’t wait till I see¬†Jewel¬†Of The Nile.

IMDB : www.imdb.com/title/tt0088011

Wikipedia : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romancing_the_Stone

Computer Games With Memories

We all love computer games, everyone using a computer must have played at least a single computer game at some part of their lives. I’m not a die-hard gamer but a computer game¬†addict, most of my teen ages I’ve grown up playing computer games, after entering medical college I don’t have any time to play computer games. However, I hope one day I’ll be able to catch up for the time that I’ve lost.

So I’ve decided to go back in time and list my favorite computer games that I’ve played up to now. All of these games are really special to me, I won some of these games and the rest are linked with special memories in my life, most of these games have lost in time and I don’t think kids these days even know about these games. I’ve¬†arranged¬†them in the order I’ve played them.

Dangerous Dave (D Dave) 1 , 2 ,3.

Dangerous Dave (DDave 2)

I’ve first started using a computer back in 2000 when I was just 10 years old. And Dave 1 was the first computer game that I’ve played in my life, I played Dave even before I bought my own computer back in 2002.¬†I was¬†never¬†able to finish Dave 1, but I tried so many¬†occasions¬†it was just too tough for me.

In 2002 I bought my first computer, I found D Dave 2 and started playing it, it was so addictive and awesome back then, I remember I used to spend 9-10 hours everyday playing this game. This is also very special because D Dave 2 was the first computer game that I’ve finished in my life, it was an unforgettable moment, I remember doing the Dave punch over and over and over again.

After finishing DDave 2, I tried my hand with Dangerous Dave 3, but I didn’t have much luck with that and wasn’t able to go beyond the first few levels. I lost all 3¬†Dave¬†games when I sold my old computer. It was lost in time forever.

Wolfenstein 3d

Wolfenstein 3d

This is another game I started playing before buying my first computer. This game together with Dave is as old as me, even my dad and uncle used to play this on the computers while work.

This game is really special to me because I played it together with my cousin. My cousin controlled the movements while I controlled the gun and shooting. We used to play this in our uncle’s computer and played it for a good long time. We played it together until we reached the final stage. The door to finish the game was right there¬†in front¬†of us, but no matter how hard we tried we weren’t able to go pass this Hitler holding two machine guns. Tough luck, but still this is one of the best games that I’ve ever played in my life.

Age of Empires I

Age of Empires I

Age of Empires I is the first¬†strategy¬†game I’ve ever played and my favorite one up to now.

I discovered the game by accident when I looked in to the Windows 98 CD. Inside there was the demo version of Age of Empires. I took me some time for me to learn how to play it, but finally I figured out how to play there was no turning back.

First I finished the demo version of Age of Empires I, then I finished the full version of Age of Empires I, finally finished Age of Empires II. I haven’t played Age of Empires III yet, but from Age of Empires I ¬†and II, I love Age of Empires II.

Project IGI

Project IGI 2

My favorite type of games are the first person shooter games. I’ve¬†played¬†so many first person shooter¬†games¬†but this one takes the cake. Because this is my very first first person shooter game I’ve played.

Times have changes¬†since¬†then, now there are more realistic and advanced¬†games¬†than the ones that I’ve just told. However no matter what I play these games will forever be¬†remembered¬†as the best games I’ve played because these are the games that made me a computer games lover.

So what about you? What are your favorite computer games?