I Hate This Vaccine So Much.

Looks like I have to get myself vaccinated soon, probably today. It’s a vaccination for hepatitis B, a must before being a doctor.

I’ll have to get 3 shots of vaccination, I’ll get my fist one hopefully today or within next week, then I’ll ave to get my second shot after a month getting the first one and finally the third one after 6 months of time having the first vaccination.

Te reason for this is that hepatitis B is dangerous when infected to an adult than an infant, and believe it or not the chance of getting hepatitis B is much higher than AIDS. If you are lucky you can go without getting AIDS even when you have sex with an AIDS infected person with 2-3 times (that doesn’t mean it’s OK to have sex with an AIDS person), however, if you get  a single blood drop of hepatitis patient and drop that in to a pool filled with water and inject few ml of water in to a person that patient still has a high chance of getting hepatitis B, it’s that much dangerous. Because of doctors always work with patients they must be vaccinated before stating their clinical practices.

I’m stating my clinical practices in a few moths of time, so I need to be vaccinated before starting my clinical practices. That’s why I’m thinking of getting my hepatitis vaccination soon. But the problem is after being vaccinated they tell that I can’t bathe for another two to three days and have to protect my wound from contacting water for few days.

This is the worst part, I can keep my wound protected from water, but how can I stay away from not washing my hair. I can’t stay a single day without washing my hair. With all that travelling and hard work everyday, getting good bathe is the best way to chill out and end a hectic week.

I even tried Googling for the answer, but still even on Google I can’t find a good explanation for that, some websites say it’s OK to have a bath after a vaccination, and some says it’s not OK, but from the people who say it’s not OK still there isn’t any good explanation. The only good explanation I found was that the chemicals in water might make the vaccination inactive, but even that doesn’t mean you can’t bathe. Wit all the development in medicine why can’t doctors answer a simple question like this.

So now I’m left alone in some doubt what to do, to bathe or not to bathe.


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