Rush Hour

I’m in a jam packed train right now when I’m posting this. It’s the rush hour and the that time of the day that where trains look like in India.

It’s a Monday morning the day everyone hates. Ha ha. Anyway the train that went before me was filled as hell and people were even travelling on the roof and in between two boxes and dangerously on the foot board.

We’re all living in a busy life where time = money. But is it worth it taking this much of a risk putting your life at stake for your job? Time = money but life > money, the worst thing that can happen to you is face the music of your boss or at most lose your job. But isn’t it better than falling from a hi speed train and losing your arm or a leg or even your life?

If you lose your job you can get one back. But what if you lose your arm leg or even your life how can you replace something like that?

So if need to go early, wake ur early and go to the job. But don’t put you life at risk just because you’re late for a job. Being late for the job won’t kill you, but travelling on train like that can kill you.

Time for me to get off the train. Busy day ahead.


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