Things To Be Expected On Facebook.

Facebook is in a period of change where, where they are going to add new features and the highly expected app center.

Today when I logged in to Facebook, I found this unusual icon in the side bar called “Connection Search”, it’s actually a way of finding friends like “Contact search”, so when I clicked on the Connection search icon this page appeared. Click to see the large image.

Facebook connection search, a thing to expect?

So is this a something to expect on Facebook? I asked some of my friends and no one has ever seen something called “Connection Search” before.Sadly the feature is still not available for me.

The other interesting thing here is the Tweet button. I think this is the first time, we’ve seen an actual Tweet button on a main Facebook page.

Facebook is also about to roll something new features called “Trending Videos”, where they are going to put popular public videos on Facebook. Just like what’s hot on Google Plus.

I’ll put a screen cap, when I see “Trending Videos” on my timeline.

The Facebook App Center will look like this :

Facebook AppCenter


Breaking News: Wimal Weerawansa To Launch A Rival Search Engine Against Google.

After publicly asking people to stop using Google services, Minister Wimal Weerawansa has decided to launch his own search engine that hopes to take down Google some day.

We received this news from a reliable source working on the project, who is one of the best software engineers and web designers in Sri Lanka. This search engine will be launched minute to midnight today.

The site will deliver anti-American and pro Iranian search results, and as our sources explained this will certainly be a challenge for Google. According to him Google has already asked them to stop the project at whatever cost because Google is at rick of being bankrupt.

Sri Lankan IT industry leaders like Shaggy_1 (with his newly invented start-up which is also a major hit) says this is a good move forward towards the future development of the IT sector in Sri Lanka and asks “scumbags” like us (outcastlife) to stay away from ruining Sri Lankan start-ups.

The also explains that they are currently on the rival websites for Gmail, Google+, and YouTube. According to sources this will be named as GooWimal because the search engine will go head on against Google.


This post was written as an April 1st joke and everything in this post are fabricated and not related to any real life incident (except for the tweet above and what’ behind it). I was really surprised with the number of shares it got of Facebook, special thanks goes to my unnamed friend who helped to share this. I don’t know why that Indian guy reblogged this post in his technology blog as a news, “don’t trust anything on the internet posted on April 1st. Cheers.