#SMDayCMB The Hashtag That Made Me Lugh Hard.

If you don’t know (like I didn’t know until 5 P.M yesterday, when a friend of mine asked me whether I was at the Mashable Social Media Day), there was something called Mashable Social Media Day at Excel World, Colombo. I don’t know what happened, whatever happened I guess it’s about social media.

And the hash tag for the event was #SMDayCMB, and when I logged into Twitter at 11 PM and checked some of the tweets, they were like this :

And I was thinking this,



If you don’t know Twitter started rolling a feature called Tailored Tweets, where trends are made according to your location, the websites you frequently visit and the tweets you make.

And it didn’t appear tonight, it was rolled 2 3 weeks back by Twitter.

There are no such thing as word wide trends, you can get the world-wide trends if you opt out from tailored trends.

I think the best thing for all the people to do is to know more about what’s happening in social media, rather than “troll” in for a social media day. Thanks for making us (me and @ivp10) laugh hard. I’m so rude.

PS : At least please read More Mashable, before going to their events.



4 thoughts on “#SMDayCMB The Hashtag That Made Me Lugh Hard.

  1. LOL ! Rukshan, Same thing happened in the morning. People thought ‘Sanath Jayasuriya’ is trending WW on his BDay & ‘SSC’ trending WW during the match 😛

    This was my tweet to them :-

    • Thanks for the info, I’ve never said that we can’t make in to world trends.

      I was only seeing the funny side that all these “tech” people in SL going to a Mashable Social Media Day never knew about Tailored Tweets.

      It wasn’t introduced last night and was here since good 2, 3 weeks back ( well it could have been here even before that).

      Why so serious? see the funny side of it ^_^


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