When You Are In Deep Shit, You Keep Your Mouth Shut.

Today was an exciting day for all of us, in today’s ‘heated’ argument with AnonymousLK, I learnt a valuable lesson. “When you are in deep shit, you keep your mouth shut, you know what happen if not”

I also suggest you reading our previous two posts if you don’t are new to this story. Click on the images to see more clearly.

  1. Rooting Anonymous Part 1
  2. TX Says They Are Not AnonymousLK, TX You Mad Bro?

This is a lesson AnonymousLK doesn’t seem to learn, the more they tweet the more they prove us we’re right and self doxing them. TX yesterday said that he is going to open the gates of hell upon me, which I did on him today. After all that drama I decided to add this special post before the next post about AnonymousLK members.

The first reply of AnonymousLK for our yesterday’s post was, all the information we published is false, but they never gave any evidence to prove we’re wrong, when all the evidence are there to prove that we’re right. In the post we proved that AnonymouosLK was started by Sameera De Alwis.

For that AnonymousLK replied with this, 

AnonymousLK said they used Dr Sameera De Alwis’s identity. Which is false because you need to enter a verifying code to connect a mobile phone number to an email account.

Then AnonymousLK replied with this, 

AnonymousLK say they used Sameera De Alwis’s information, then say they are trying to save him, Whoa, what?

Then they went on to say this,

Whoa what? You kidding me, how come AnonymousLK know that hackerzmafia@gmail.com email account was created on 2001? this is a thing only Sameera knows,  Self doxing buddy? Facepalm 😉 Oh, BTW Gmail never existed back in 2001, Facepalm again 😉

Then this,

CID called Zonta, really? How come AnonymousLK know that CID calling Zonta, Zonta at your place AnonymousLK? And this goes to prove is a member of AnonymousLK. Self doxing. 😉

Then this, which amuses me the most,

OK, if I published false info then prove me wrong, and if I published false info and TX  goes to police then TX has to prove that he is TX, which will be very much amusing to see, seriously TX and AnonymousLK how are you going to prove you are TX? TX going to self dox himself in-front of the police? I’m looking forward to that.

Then this, 

OK then again AnonymousLK saying they have contact with Zonta, which proves us right again, that Zonta is a member of AnonymousLK. Self doxing again.  Facepalm 😉

Then this,

OH really, I use two-way authentication so you can never enter my emails, Facepalm. And I hope zonta don’t wanna go to prison again for hacking 😉 the food they serve at prison is pretty bad 😉

This just made me lol hard it made me cry,

Same goes here, if Zero, TX goes to police they have to prove themselves that they are Zero and TX, how are you going to prove that you are TX and Zero? and it’ll be very amusing to watch, because it’ll be self doxing.

And BTW for all the hacking Zer0 Thunder has done, it’ll be him not me that’ll end up in jail. Anymore self doxing guys?

When you are in deep shit keep your mouth shut.. You know what will happen if not. 😀 Tango Down.

Update : 

I just remembered a comment that ZonTa has posted on my previous post, which we can also come to some interesting conclusions. See the text underlined in text? Click to see it more clearly.

ZonTa accepts Sameera is among AnonymousLK

  • ZonTa admits Sameera is among AnonymousLK
  • How can ZonTa know that Sameera tweeted the link to their IRC without me talking a word about the tweet?
  • And how come the chat logs show that #srilankanz channel is the channel of AnonymousLK? Which is the opposite of what he is saying.
  • And as in the above screenshots why can’t AnonymousLK contact ZonTa and ask why Zonta said Sameera is behind AnonymousLK?

I guess this is what happens when n00bs try to hack, and no coordination between the group. When I type my left and knows what my right hand is typing, looks like it’s not the same with you.


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