TX Says They Are Not AnonymousLK, TX You Mad Bro?

After my first post, one member of AnonymousLK (@anonymouslk) came out commenting on my post, threatening me, saying

ummmma ummmmaa…:P hell’s gate is open now.. thr is no going back rukshan.. k.. and last thing we r nt anonSL fuckers..

I don’t know how they are going to open the gates of hell, I see AnonymousLK member Zonta is scared and covering his online tracks 😉 and deleting his Tweets. So because TX threatened me I decided to add an additional post before the next post about AnonymousLK members. Just to give an idea of what’s to come. Like always credits must go to @ipv10 and @g2kev.

So we found the IRC channel of AnonymousLK, we went there using a fake identity as “pilgrim”, however we never thought it’ll be this is to get information, because TX spilled the beans on the very second day. Yes TX, we’re pilgrim, bang your head on the wall. Here’s the most important chat record between TX and pilgrim (us).

The important parts are highlighted in orange, and my comments are highlighted in green, I’ve removed some racist comments by TX from my post, you can see the original transcript over here :  http://nopaste.me/raw/16019151884fabeaedbf178.txt

17:38 pilgrim : i searched about zonta too, he got arrested for hacking isn’t he
17:39 TX : yap
17:40 pilgrim : lol don’t you guys work with the anons?
17:40 TX : mayb 😀
17:41 pilgrim : i have some anon friends
17:41 pilgrim : very good hackers
17:41 TX : who
17:41 TX : names
17:41 TX : ?
17:41 pilgrim : but don’t post their hacks now they got arrested
17:41 pilgrim : after what sabu did
17:42 TX : lulzec n anon r two teams
17:42 pilgrim : yes but sabu was like the leader of anons
17:42 pilgrim : he was in every chan
17:43 pilgrim : chan op of every chan he was like the father
17:43 pilgrim : that’s the meaning of his name
17:43 TX : lol
17:43 pilgrim : anonymousabu
17:43 pilgrim : sabu means father
17:43 pilgrim : in arab

|Some racist talk by TX removed|

17:43 pilgrim : so it’s like father of anonymous = anonymousabu

|Some racist talk by TX removed|

17:46 TX : http://www.slcricket.com/mother-lanka-21/sri-lanka-seeks-hackers-down-pro-tiger-website-10470/
17:48 pilgrim :  that news is 5 years old
17:48 pilgrim : why can’t you hack them?
17:48 pilgrim : you are good hackers
17:49 TX : yap…
17:49 TX : we did
17:49 pilgrim : how?
17:50 TX : zonta got arrested when he doing his A/L(18yers old)it was 2008
17:50 pilgrim : 2009 isn’t it
17:51 pilgrim : the news was 2009
17:51 TX : brb..sry…yap 2009
17:51 TX : my bad
17:51 pilgrim : y?
17:52 TX : we did massive attacks since 2011 to eealm web sites
17:52 pilgrim : and?
17:52 pilgrim : any luck?
17:53 TX : zonta n zer0 did so many things…
17:53 pilgrim : sri lanka isn’t famous for hacker is it
17:53 TX : and me
17:53 TX : yap…
17:53 pilgrim : are there any other sri lankan hackers like you?
17:54 TX : http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-20099841-83/anonymous-claims-dns-attacks-against-symantec-apple-microsoft/
17:55 pilgrim : wow cool stuff bro, who is that?
17:56 pilgrim : fb omg
17:56 TX : now u got who we are? (TX admits they are AnoynmousLK after giving the news link)
17:56 TX : actually this attack was failed
17:56 pilgrim : you mean you did that?
17:57 TX  : not me..us
17:57 pilgrim : where is the hacked data?
17:57 TX : wait
17:57 TX : pastebin
17:57 pilgrim : can you give me the link?
17:57 pilgrim : of the data
17:58 TX : http://pastebin.com/u/AnonymousSriLanka
17:58 pilgrim : what did you mean it was a fail?
17:59 TX : hmmm,it should be secret
18:00 pilgrim : oh is it, you got doxed or police caught you again?
18:00 TX : anon has no admins…
18:00 TX : gov seeking us
18:00 TX : 😀
18:00 pilgrim : you are still attacking isn’t it
18:01 pilgrim : i see last dump is on march 16th
18:01 TX : nope..im out these days
18:02 pilgrim : why is that?
18:02 pilgrim : https://twitter.com/#!/search/Anonymouslk you?
18:03 TX : im seepy dude
18:04 TX : itz 11.59pm
18:05 pilgrim : oh it’s ok chap
18:05 TX : yap (TX accepting the Twitter account belongs to them)
18:05 pilgrim : awesome man
18:05 pilgrim : i’ll tell my anon friends too

This is a screen shot of TX talking with pilgrim (us) about, their failed attack on Channel 4 on April 30th, this chat took place before their attack, during mid April. There also TX accepts their DNS spoofing attack on Facebook and many other websites, as the CNET article.

TX accepts they are AnoynmousLK | Click to see more clearly

You still say you guys are not AnoymousLK TX? You mad bro? Stop threatening me, lol 😀 . The more you threaten me, the tighter the noose gets around you guys. Tango Down.


7 thoughts on “TX Says They Are Not AnonymousLK, TX You Mad Bro?

  1. he he he…lol… i cnt stop laughing rukshan…didnt u see d end of d chat i told u smthng lyk ths…

    im a mercurial man…bye bro.

    could you plz post that part of d chat or il…

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  3. lol …. the hackers of sri lanka got pawned in their ass 😀 😛

    i’am glad that someone came with the detailed info 😀
    finally , go heap bitches 😀

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