NoLimit Is Not Serving Harmful Toffees, The Truth Is Out There.

This is the new year season and one of the biggest fashion lines that people go to buy clothes for the new year is No Limit. Recently there has being a huge increase of the popular toffee scam message associated with No Limit. The spam is mainly circulated via Facebook, Twitter and emails. If you sum up the message goes  like this:

At No Limit showrooms they are serving their customers a toffee that contains  Malic Acid. And this toffee is very dangerous for pregnant woman and can also make males infertile, and this is a plot by No Limit fashion line owned by a Muslim Businessman to make the Sinhala People (majority in Sri Lanka) infertile so one day the Muslims will become the majority.

First of all I don’t know why No Limit is serving a toffee in their showrooms, if anyone know the reason leave a comment down below. So I decided to put some light on this matter because most people don’t understand this message and share it without looking more in to this.

She See the Malic Acid in the message, as soon as I first read this message a bell rang in my head,  I’ve heard the word Malic Acid in my bio chemistry lectures and as I remember it’s a harmless substance naturally occurring in the human body, I looked my bio chemistry lectures but I couldn’t find Malic Acid. Yesterday I did some search and found this.

In its ionized form malic acid is called malate

The ever so famous malate, which is a fundamental molecule of all bio chemistry cycles occurring in the human body. The people who are spreading this message is tricking people by using the word malic acid, not malate, the ionized from of malic acid. As most people know acids exist in their ionized form in solutions and also in human body. Therefore malic acid exits as malate in human body.

The people who spread this message on social networks give no reference to where they found this information or how they found Malic Acid is not good for health. However I did some search at PubMed about malic acid, which a standard websites for medical students to get reliable information about medicine, and it had this to say.

In its ionized form malic acid is called malate. Malate is an intermediate of the TCA cycle along with fumarate. It can also be formed from pyruvate as one of the anaplerotic reactions. In humans, malic acid is both derived from food sources and synthesized in the body through the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle which takes place in the mitochondria. Malate’s importance to the production of energy in the body during both aerobic and anaerobic conditions is well established.

( is the PubMed website associated with biochemistry)

The PubMed article gives a very good explanation of Malic acid from top to bottom including the simple text I got from above to very highly advanced information, which is alone to put a lid to this case.

Leave out the technical details aside if you don’t understand what this means, basically malate is an intermediate of the energy production pathway in human body. And it is also an important intermediate in Gluconeogenesis (production of Glucose by liver when you are not having food for a long period of time, like in sleep). So without malate you can’t survive, it is an important molecule in human body. Malic acid is also found in apples so if you are afraid of malic acid then you should be affarid of apples too. If you look at the chart below you’ll see how important Malate (malic acid really is)

Image Source Wikipedia, Click to see full size.

More chemical analysis is needed to be done to find out whether the toffee contains any harmful substances but the message going on around Facebook and Twitter is a scam, probably to keep people away from No Limit showrooms during this new year season.

Malic Acid is totally innocent and should not be afraid to take food containing malic acid. If you think I’m wrong give some hard proof from good resources associated with bio-medicine, biochemistry or medicine. So next time think twice about what you are sharing on social media.  TANGO DOWN.

Associated articles : 

Metabocard for L-Malic acid (HMDB00156)  (PubMed)

Malic Acid (Wikipedia)


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