The Curious Case of Jihad Cyber Attack.

I suggest you also read my prvious post “Why We Need A Cyber Army” because the two posts are written regarding similar topics. The story of attacked Jihad websites is getting interesting day by day. Today I stumbled upon an article posted at Yahoo news titled “Who is Waging Cyberwar Against the Jihadi Networks?” this article have some really good points that worth noting.

If you didn’t read my previous post, most of the prominent Jihad websites that helps terrorist to communicate online using forums have mysteriously gone offline, without any reason and some of the websites appear online from time to time bust most of the time they stay offline, some believe this is a Denial of Service attack by someone or a counter terrorism attack.  Read my previous post and watch the video for further details.

First of all no one has taken responsible for the attacks, first I thought this might be an attack of the anti terrorist hacker The Jester but still he hasn’t taken any responsibility of it. According to the Yahoo article :

Britain brought down jihadist websites in 2010, but did not admit to doing so until this year. So it is likely that the responsible party, whomever it is, will not be confessing anytime soon.

So there can be government intelligence agencies behind these attacks, but that’s not the interesting part.

“My source, who works as an outside consultant for Spain’s National Intelligence Center, told me that U.S. intelligence agents got in touch with their Spanish counterparts in late March,”. “They told them that, a few days earlier, a team of 10 hackers working for the Obama government had broken the passwords of several of the principal Islamist forums. They said it was the biggest cyberattack yet against these sites.” ~ Pelayo Barro, a journalist for the Spanish digital newspaper El Confidencial

If this is true and government hackers are actually behind these attacks then that proves what I’ve been talking and believing for a long time, that Governments must use talented hackers or their intelligence agencies to tackle these cyber terrorist online.

According to some the above cracking of Jihad forums helped to arrest an Administrator that ran few Jihad Websites and the terrorists took the remaining forums offline to protect themselves.

So what really happened to these Jihad websites? Did they took them down voluntarily or is it because of an arrest of a Jihad website administrator? If it was a cyber attack then why aren’t these terrorists making any comment about it? However each day more and more information is coming up, I hope we’ll get to know what really happened soon.

The cyber war is imminent, and the next frontier on the war against terrorism is the cyberspace. Some might argue about the freedom of speech but these are terrorists and for the safety of the majority such actions are needed.  So the time is right for the authorities to fights these LTTE cyber terrorist online.

I asked from Sam Bowne and Mikko Hypponen, they had two different ideas about the matter. Should authorities take action to take down terrorist/extremist websites from the internet?

There is an unequal amount of good and bad in most things, the trick is to figure out the ratio and act accordingly. TANGO DOWN.

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One thought on “The Curious Case of Jihad Cyber Attack.

  1. Well, yes most of the government has it’s own Cyber Army. Obviously they don’t come outside and say they did it, like what Anonymous hackers are doing.

    Regarding Jihadi websites, a real powerful authority must have had an influence in attacking. Terrorism in Cyber space need to be stopped. Taking sites down won’t help, need to take the main root down.

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