Why We Need A Cyber Army.

If you are following the recent news on cyber security, you might have seen that most of the prominent Al Qaeda websites are currenly down or most of the time offline due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) or DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, I mentioned DoS separately because it can also the work of th3j35t3r who has a special kind of a denial of service tool and it might be him behind these attacks.

If you watch the YouTube video above Mikko Hypponen of F Secure talking about terrorists online you’ll understand that terrorist are no longer people hiding in jungles, or suicide bombers attacking high-profile targets. They are now occupying the internet, spreading their propaganda online, recruiting new members and gathering funds for their future activities.

When it comes to the LTTE the situation is not as severe as Al Qaeda but if LTTE were still militarily active in the country things might have been the same. However there are  pro LTTE websites out there spreading their propaganda online and gathering funds for diaspora. Tamilnet, Tamil News Network and TYO (Tamil Youth Organization). Although Tamilnet is blocked by the government it can be accessed online via proxies or via Google Reader as I’m doing it. So censoring  website is not enough to stop the propaganda on terrorist organizations.

Leaving speech of freedom aside, these are terrorists acting online, as terrorist are  eliminated in the ground, these cyber terrorist must be eliminated too. There for it’s a must for countries to have cyber armies. United States already have one, China has a cyber army that some say the largest in the world, Israel also has a cyber army.

Therefore it’s time to set up a cyber army in Sri Lanka to :

  • Take down terrorist websites offline
  • Track cyber terrorist online
  • Hacking cyber terrorist and disrupting their communication

Terrorist must be defeated militarily, diplomatically and from cyberspace alike, the cyber war has already begun Wikileaks was taken down for a period of time when they published sensitive data about US military. Without stopping these terrorist websites the war against terrorism is not fully won. TANGO DOWN.

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