The Art Of Living With 2500 Per Month.

The much-anticipated debate is over,”Can a single person live with Rs 2500 per month” between Minister Bandula Gunawardana and Ravi Karunanayaka. I really looked forward in watching this debate because both Bandula and Ravi are good in economics and if Bandula Gunawardana proved that a person can live with just Rs 2500 per month it would have been some big achievement. Although looking at the debates Ravi could have done better because it’s easier for Ravi to prove Bandula is wrong than the other way around. But the big question is “is this even a topic to debate about”?

So here’s how some one can live with just 2500 per month.

Most of us have got it wrong from the beginning. According to Mr Bandula a person only need to spend 2500 per month only for food, and according to him a single person only spends 41% for food. So let’s do some calculation, and I think most of the people missed this.

Amount spent for food = 41% = 2500

Amount spent for other expenses = 58% = 3536.60

Minimum amount for a single person per month= 6036.60 (gas + electricity + water + other expenses)

Therefor for a family of 3 =  6036.60 x 3 = 18109.80

For a family of 4 = 6036.60 x 4 = 24158. 40

Now, Rs 24160 is a big amount of money, and because the father is the only one making money in most families, then he has to earn a minimum of 24000 per month. Just to spend for the basic needs of a family, without saving any or using money for anything extra. Anyway, Ravi didn’t do the debate was well as expected and in the end I think looking just at the debate Bandula won the debate this time. Thumbs up for Bandula for coming for the debate.

When it comes to Twitter, twitter went wild during the debate with #BandulaVsRavi hashtag, here are some of the best tweets that I found very amusing.

I was actually shocked when a caller told he can live with just 2500 per month, it will be nice if he can teach us all how to live with 2500 per month. Let’s call it a paid advertisement. So what’s your opinion? Can you live with 2500 per month?

Go to Twazzup to catch all the tweets with #BandulaVsRavi :


Thanks for @groundviews  for Tweeting about my post, and yes I agree Ravi should have gone harder at Mr Bandula, Ravi had all the points in the world to prove Mr Bandula is wrong.



7 thoughts on “The Art Of Living With 2500 Per Month.

  1. First of all, i have no idea why did you tag this post with “joke” & “entertainment”.

    What i personally think is, it is possible for a person to live with Rupees 2500. I know people who are with a with a Salary of between Rupees 7000-15000 and still they manage their family of (2-5).

    It is kinda impossible to live like that in city, But in villages you can possibly live with a amount like that.

    Spending depends on the family sitation and person. People on twitter and who blog about “can or can’t live with Rupees 2500” obvioulsy can’t live. For To pay for their internet obviosuly they need more that that.

    it all depends, imo.

    • I tagged it like that because of the tweets, and yes i think Mr Bandula said it right, you can “live” with 2500 spending only for food, and it depends on the lifestyle of that person. yes for people like me can’r live with 2500 per month, for my notes, lunch and for everything I need 1500-2000 per week and I’m staying at my boarding place for free. so for someone who spends for his boarding place it’ll take additional 5000 per month.

      but you can live free at hostels. so yea i depends on the lifestyle of the person

  2. I agrees with @ipv10. The basic needs can be fulfilled from 24k pp. But for the colourfull life we spend, thats not enough. People get used to there own way of life and sometimes one cant imagine how others are spending there lives, BUT THEY DO. So for the idea on the debate; IT IS SKETCHY BUT POSSIBLE.

    Btw in the first place, i wonder why the hell this debate has to be telecasted. Our people always relay on some mishard words and keep chatering about them. Come on; we have to move on, theres so much things happening in this world other than some foolish comments!

    Last words: if u ask whether i can live for that money, i will say no. Becaise my life contain more NEEDS which the market put fw and i wont be able to live without them 🙂 eg: favcy foods, good pc and love for tec.

  3. But even Bandula Gunawardene’s figures were based on costs incurred by commercial caterers (supplying to hostels and canteens) who have the advantage of buying in bulk and sourcing ingredients from a variety of places to get the best price. It seems a stretch to claim that the average person can buy goods at the same prices.

    Additionally, one of the callers pointed out that caterers who secure tenders at University / Government canteens often use the facilities provided to cook food for sale outside (presumably with a higher profit margin). If this is true, isn’t it likely that these catering providers are happy to supply to the university or government canteen as a loss leader, making this up from the profits of external sales.

    I do agree with your analysis that Ravi didn’t do well in the debate. I think this is because he was more intent on scoring party political points than representing the position of the average man. For example, it would have been better if he had actually found out the cost of a weekly food shop for a family of three people at Sathosa outlets in different parts of the country and challenged Bandula’s figures as being inapplicable due to the difference in buying wholesale vs. retail. So, overall a missed opportunity for the opposition.

    • Yes there are some confusion in Mr Bandula’s points but all in all Ravi didn’t do well. But Mr Bandula said one good thing that like in India no one in this country has died because of not having food.

      • People may not be dying of starvation, but by data presented in 2006/7 (see, in children under 5, 17% were stunted (low height for age), 15% were wasting (low weight for height) and 21% were underweight (low weight for age). Is this a nutritional profile to be proud of?

        It would be interesting to see if these indicators have improved in the past 5 years – although hard to see how it could happen given that cost of living hasn’t come down in this period.

      • Thanks for the stats, I never knew about thus before, yes I people can’t live with 2500 per month, but i’m surprised to see so many people spending thousands on alcohol

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