Raggers Must Not Go Unpunished.

Yesterday a post on Ceylon Today News website caught my attention, it was titled “IUSF claims raggers are innocent!”. Ragging has been there for a long time at universities, as years gone by the severity of ragging incidents have increased to such an extent that some have even died due to harsh ragging.

Luckily  for us our university has no physical ragging, this is not because of any rule by the government but because the student themselves have stopped physically ragging to the new comers. Pulling a prank on juniors is fine so seniors can be friends with them, but hard physical ragging is something that must not happen in universities.

However, in some universities like Peradeniya the physical ragging has become so harsh that some of these ragging methods make us think whether Peradeniya is a university for studying or for ragging.

However, it’s sad to see organizations like the IUSF (Inter University Student Federation) taking the side of the raggers and tries to protect them, if ragging has been taken place, then the people who are responsible must not go unpunished, if raggers walk away without facing any trial then that is encouraging the others to rag the juniors next year.

If the people who are under arrest are not responsible for ragging, IUSF must help the police to find the people who are really responsible for ragging. Making totally nonsense stories will not help the student who got injured due to ragging, and the students who are hoping to enter universities this year because protecting raggers will only encourage others to rag.

One must not forget that only 1% of the ragging incidents come to the surface because of the magnitude of the incidents, almost all other physical ragging incidents go without making into the news. Most of the students don’t complain and don’t help with police investigations about ragging incidents because they are too afraid. Therefore, these incidents that do make it to the surface must be thoroughly investigated and the people who are responsible of ragging must be punished or should not be allowed to enter universities again.

Read Ceylon Today’s post IUSF claims raggers are innocent! : http://www.ceylontoday.lk/16-4230-news-detail-iusf-claims-raggers-are-innocent.html


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