Valentine’s Day. Food For Thought.

Valentine’s day is finally over and this year to it has been just another day at college for me. I really don’t know why people celebrate a Valentine’s day? I think it’s just another ordinary day, where companies have made it to a multimillion dollar business.

However every year I enjoy going to my friends and asking from them how they celebrate the Valentine’s day.

From the guys that I’ve talked to at medical college the most popular choice among boys were chocolates, I’m sure Cadbury is feeling like X’mas on Valentine’s days. However the most insane present that I came across today is one of my friends giving a high-priced smart phone to his girlfriend, his girlfriend has also done the same by buying him some high quality jeans. My foreign students at college will be going to Colombo today to have some fun with their loved ones.

However when it comes to my personal view I don’t think Valentine’s day is a day that should be celebrated, in fact people need to love their loved ones every single day as if it’s Valentine’s day. It’s okay to have fun on Valentine’s day, but it doesn’t matter how much you show your love to your partner on Valentine’s day, if you don’t show the same love to your partner in the rest of 364 days there is no point of celebrating a single day at all. And I believe that the best gift that you can give to your partner is being trustworthy to him/her.

So hats off to the people who celebrate day, and for all the single people like me out there, let’s enjoy our stay on planet earth. Being single has its own advantages.

For the record because I love myself, I bought myself a chocolate. 😀


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