The Second Chance

Everyone has so many ideas inside their head waiting to be released , including me. But only very few of these ideas see the light of day and most of these ideas are lost in the sands of time forever. Even from these ideas that get the chance to see the light of day only few of them finally succeed.

In my case 99% of these ideas don’t see the light of day because I’m studying medicine which I have to dedicate most of my time. The 1% of the ideas that do see the light of day end up becoming epic fails.

In this society it’s hard to do what we actually want to do. As children we all have big dreams but finally most of us end up as adults doing something that we don’t like doing. Where I wanted to become a software engineer and now ended up becoming a medical student and if I’m really lucky I’ll end up being a doctor.

For most of us chances of getting a second chance to do what we actually want to do is something that’ll never happen in this life. The result is no matter how hard we end up developing an interest for the thing we’re destined to be. It’s sometimes so frustrating looking at people becoming what we dreamt of becoming oneday.

Leaving that aside, sometimes for some people they do get a second chance in their lives to follow their dreams. This happened very recently to one of my friends who came to Sri Lanka from Buthan to become a doctor, her name is Rinchen.

However she had very little interest in medicine, she tried as much as she could to develop her interest towards medicine. She wanted to become a biologist.

Finally she got a scholarship to go to Canada to study biology, she went yesterday to Buthan and she’ll soon go to Canada for her future studies.

We’re all sad because we won’t be seeing her again in the faculty. We’ll miss her a lot and we know she’ll miss us too. But I’m happy that she got a second chance in life that most of us won’t get. A second chance to follow her dream, so we all like to wish her a bright future ahead. Some might say “medicine is medicine”, but still there’s nothing better in life than doing things that you like to do.

Like Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

We’re all living on borrowed time. So enjoy your stay on planet earth. If you get a second chance in your life don’t think twice in grabbing it because that might be the last chance you’ll ever get.


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