To Stress The System

Move Fast And Break Things

Everyone on the internet is talking about the Facebook IPO and virtually everything that has to be said about the IPO is now said, and this new Facebook IPO trend made me watch “The Social Network” movie again, (I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve watched the movie.)

The Social Network is an inspirational movie for me, I wanted to write this post form the very first time I’ve watched the movie, but didn’t had any time and a place like this blog, because I haven’t started this blog back in 2010, but I’ve mentioned about these ideas on Twitter from time to time. Most of my colleagues are laughing at the back of their mind when I talk stuff like these, a guy in medical college who can’t even get an A pass for an exam talking about reaching impossible goals, or a guy who is not satisfied being at medical college.

Tell you the truth I’m not satisfied of being at medical college, I strongly believe that this life is ours to enjoy and we don’t have to stuck in offices till we become grand parents. From the beginning I’ve never wanted to work as a doctor for the rest of my life. I only want to stay as a doctor until I make enough money to live the rest of my life, I want to retire quickly and enjoy the rest of my life in peace. Some argue that it is a responsibility for a doctor to serve the need of the poor patients, but come-on we spend the best part of our lives cramping books and inside libraries while others get the chance to enjoy there lives to the fullest in their teen ages, even doctors have the right to enjoy their lives.

I think the problem is in the society that I live in, from the day we enter primary school there is the competition to be the first in the class and when we do Advanced Level there is competition to enter medical college or engineering college, so the only thing that students do is chewing up the books, after entering universities this thing is even worst and 75% of the university time is being spent on studies.

Lets take an example, I’m a medical student, I passed my Advanced Level in my first attempt and got the chance to enter one of the best medical colleges in the country, when I pass out I’ll be 25 years old, without even earning a penny in the 5 years spent at the medical college. Then I won’t be getting a good income until I stabilize in the medical field and that’ll take at least another 10 years, I’ll be 35 by then and I won’t be even half as rich as Mark Zuckerberg when he was 25. This story is even worse who entered the medical college doing his third attempt at advanced level.

I don’t think the problem is with the education system, I think the problem is with students’ mindset, everyone is obsessed getting a first class at medical college and no one wants to do something innovative in their time. at medical college other than studying. The problem is in our college society if someone need to get the respect of others you need to get an extremely good result. And the people who do get an extremely good result won’t care a shit about the people who get a normal result and just pass the exam.

Student need to break this system of being book worms, or else we won’t have someone like Mark, Steve Jobs or David Karp from this education system forever until we change the system, it’s not a problem with the education system, it’s a problem of how we use the system. Break the system or at least stress the system, If each and everyone don’t try to break or stress the system the system will stay the same, but if everyone tried to stress the system them the system will break at some point. If we don’t then we’ll be just like the rest of them spending our lives at offices and doing our job until we become grand parents. But then again what do I know, I’m just another out cast student blogging his random thoughts.

Anything is possible, just keep thinking.


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