Romancing The Stone

Romancing The Stone

After a hectic five days of work Saturday is my go to day for movies. I don’t miss a Saturday without watching a movie or two no matter how busy I am.

I’ve just finished watching the movie “Romancing The Stone”, and this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been a big fan of old movies, specially movies before 1990. So when I started watching this I thought am I going to waste 2 and a half hours of my life by watching this but in the end decided to give it a try because I’m a big fan of Michael Douglas.

Romancing The Stone stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. I don’t know whether to categorize it as a romantic movie or an action/adventure. It’s a good mix of both of them with some humor.

At the start of the movie you don’t get that excitement with the dark scenes of Colombia with young Michael Douglas acting as a ladies’ man (I think this is because I’ve only seen Michael Douglas as a special agent or a man in a tuxedo) but slowly gathers pace and excitement builds up to the climax and a perfect ending.

At the begining Kathleen Turner is dreaming of having a man who’s like a cowboy and you just get the feeling as soon as Michael Douglas enters the movie that they’re going to fall in love because he fits Kathleen Turner’s dream guy perfectly, so the end of the movie is almost predetermined from there onwards, but the excitement is about what happens in between.

When talking about the acting, at the begining of the movie you get the feeling Michael Douglas don’t know what he’s supposed to act kind of a feeling but as the movie goes on he finds his place at the movie.

When it comes to Kathleen Turner’s acting she is outstanding from the begining of the movie and ever so hot (she almost look like one of my best friends in the movie). And Kathleen Turner makes a fine partner for Michael Douglas.

So when you add all these things together what we get is a fine movie worth watching every second of it. So he you get the chance don’t forget to watch the movie. It’s one of the best movies I’ve even seen. Now I can’t wait till I see Jewel Of The Nile.


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One thought on “Romancing The Stone

  1. I completely agree with you. I’m quite a fan of older movies – 80’s movies in particular – as I feel they often hold the last bit of ‘pre-CGI’ magic, which was soon lost on later movies. When the props and characters were real, and they had to create the effects by hand rather than on the computer. For me, stop-motion is more believable than CGI….. but I digress.
    ‘Romancing the Stone’ is the perfect combination of adventure, humour and romance, and could not have been cast better. This and ‘The Jewel of the Nile’ are two of the films I grew up with and they are classics. I’ve yet to see a more recent film which can capture the viewer’s attention and create the perfect visual cocktail like these films can – regarding the romance, humour, adventure and likability of the characters.

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