Move Fast And Break Things

I don’t like Facebook for so many reasons and people around me know that very well. But yet I like their motto “Move Fast And Break Things” which exactly what I tink everyone should be like.

This week I’ve decided to give up staying for lecturers all together and use that time I sleep at lectures for something useful. Previously I stayed for at least one or two lectures everyday, but now I’m going to stay only for the lectures that are given by the lecturers that I don’t fall a sleep.

Most of my friends at college are so afraid to break the rules, I think it’s the typical nature of medical students, they like to stay in their nice cozy rooms and spend the rest of their lives, no adventure no excitement in their lives.

I break the rules everyday, even yesterday someone told me “we should not break the same rule twice” but if there is a rule in-between you and what you want to do and if then we have no choice but to break the rules and move forward. (as long as what you want to do is not illegal)

Rules should be here just to protect law and order and not to limit us from reaching our goals.

I hope my plan of not staying for lectures and use that time for something goes well, it’s hard to do something like that when people all around you are die hard book worms. Peace.


4 thoughts on “Move Fast And Break Things

  1. Yea I hear on that one. But we make our own choices and as adults, we have to deal with the consequences of that decision. Live your life through your eyes and not others.

    • Thanks for the comment, yes I know things can easily backfire when you break the rules, but if you succeed then the results will benefit you more than staying at the old system. It’s up to the person whether he want to stay at the same place or want to break the rules and move forward 😀

      I think most of the successful people in the world are the once who broke the rules, don’t you think so?

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 the problem is medical students tend to stay away from trouble not experimenting with life. Yes I know things can backfire, however I think if you succeed then the results will be awesome.

      If the current system is not good for you then it’s better to break the system, or at least stress the system

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