Stop Complaining And Start Living.

So after thinking over and over again I’ve decided it’s time to write my first post. If you wonder who’s this new guy trying to blog, check out the about page.

I’m a daily traveler by train, I go to college by train and return home by train. I’ve never traveled in a train before entering to medical college, first I was so scared, I thought I’ll miss the station to get off and end up in a far away place. Now all that is history and now I can’t stop loving travelling by train. Travelling by train is a neat experience and it’s a good way to observe and learn people’s’ behavior. I travel in the same train in the morning and take the same train in the evening,so people who travel in these trains are mostly the same, though I’ve never talked with them I think they remember me as much as I remember their faces.

In the morning when I travel to college people look so fresh and happy and talking with each other, but during the evening when I return home I can see the tired of their faces, people are silent, they’re looking no one is talking like they did in the morning. It’s a complete opposite of the people who I meet during the morning.

Among these people who I meet everyday while travelling by train, there is someone special. I’ve never spoken a single word with him, but it’ll be a nice experience talking with him, but people will think I’ve gone mad they see me talking with him. He’s a blind person, with a white stick, singing a song from his rough voice and asking for some money from the people at travelling at home. Very few people like me took notice of him, others are on their own worlds, and even from them only a handful give him something. It’ll be nice to sit with him and talk with him, I’m sure he has a story of his own to tell.

Looking at him I everyday I think to myself, “Are we living this life as we supposed to live it?”. Won’t it be nice if we can do something to make the lives of these people better, they don’t have big dreams, no hope of being millionaires, all they want is some money to get through the day, with no hope of a tomorrow.

So why can’t people stop complaining about what they don’t have and be happy with the things that they have? We have everything we need to live happily, yet there are so many people out there without their basic needs, without a place to live, without food, people who can’t see, people who don’t hear and people with so many disabilities.

My friend that I see at the train everyday is not the only one, these are so many of them in this world like him, but somehow you and me are lucky to have a perfect human body. That itself is enough for us to live a happily till the rest of our lives.

So live everyday, every second of your lives happily, forget about the past that we can’t change, and forget about the future that we can’t predict, because you never know when you atop breathing. And always please care about the people who are less fortunate than we are, like my unknown friend that I see at train everyday. Stop complaining and start living.


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